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Mainstreet on the Map: January 2013 Archives

Mainstreet on the Map - Terry Stevenson - India

Terry Stevenson MS Map 3.jpgDriving and getting around may have been a little dicey on the Island today, but it's nothing compared to Delhi, India where Terry Stevenson is right now. He's traveled before but recently bought a ticket to travel around the world - from New Zealand to Thailand, Vienna, London... right through to Tahiti and India - to mention a few.

Terry is our guest today for Mainstreet On The Map and tells us about his travels.

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Mainstreet on the Map - Anne Gallant

Anne Gallant 3.jpgWe like to brag about the quality of our seafood here on the East Coast but in France many point to the port city of Marseille, on the southwest coast, as the source of amazing seafood. PEI artist Anne Gallant is there for a month and we reached her using Skype.

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Mainstreet On The Map - Philip Hamming in Egypt

PJ Hamming 3.jpgThere are lots of Islanders living and traveling elsewhere these days. We made contact with Philip Hamming in Cairo, Egypt via skype. He's from Meadowbank, PEI but has taken his teaching abroad... and is learning as well.

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