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Mainstreet on the Map: July 2012 Archives

Emilie Novaczek - Mainstreet on the Map

EmilieNovaczek.jpgThe Columbian island of San Andreas is a UNESCO world heritage site. Its waters home to the most breathtaking and diverse assortment of marine life in the entire Caribbean sea. Islander Emilie Novaczek is there, starting a six-month internship to discover how tourism traffic is affecting the marine habitat. She'll be our guest today for Mainstreet on the Map.

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Paige Matthie - Mainstreet on the Map

Paige Matthie 1.jpgLots of people travel at this time of year - and here on Mainstreet we travel year yound - thanks to our listeners and our series Mainstreet on the Map. Our columnist Richard Raiswell told us about Paige Matthie who studied at UPEI and is now working in Edinburgh Scotland. We reached her earlier via Skype.

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