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Jean-Sébastien Morin - Sommelier: October 2012 Archives

Jean-Sébastien Morin - Return to Italy

Jean-SébastienMorin2.jpgLast time our Sommelier was here he introduced us to a few of the classic red wines from Italy. So when Jean-Sébastien Morin suggested we return to Italy - I didn't need convincing. JS is the wine category manager with the PEI Liquor Control Commission.

07395Z Umani Ronchi Montepulciano d'Abbruzzo (Abruzzo) $13.99

08610Z Farnese Primitivo (Puglia) $13.59

08612Z Stemmari Nero d'Avola (Sicilia) $13.30

07401Z Il Nostro Rosso del Salento (Puglia) $14.19

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Jean-Sébastien Morin - Sommelier

Jean-SébastienMorin4.jpgWe've been hearing about rumrunning all week - but we're shifting to a different drink now. Our sommelier has been taking us on little trips around the world. And we're heading to Italy today. Jean-Sébastien Morin is wine category manager for the PEI Liquor Commission and he joins me now. Certainly Italian is something many people turn to when you think of a classic red wine.

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