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Goodwill Ave. - Rob Lantz & Catherine Hennessey

GoodwillAve2.jpgIf you've driven along Brighton Road in Charlottetown near Victoria Park you may have seen two large stucco homes - one painted pink. Well that's at the corner of Goodwill Ave. There's a bit of roadwork in the area right now - and some people are looking for reminders of when the street and area first developed. To find out more about what's known and still to be uncovered I met up with Rob Lantz the chair of Charlottetown's planning and heritage committee and historian Catherine Hennessey.

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Jaclyn Gallant - Micah's Future Hopes

MicahGallant2.jpgKerry Campbell spoke with an island mother, Jaclyn Gallant, who's beautiful three-year-old boy might never walk. But the Gallants have put their hope in some clinical trials which are now underway. They're trying to raise money this weekend to help that research along and we'll hear what they have planned.

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Archeologists - Stanhope Dig

StanhopeDig2.jpgArcheologists are once again chipping away at a 200 year old settlement in Stanhope, in the PEI National Park. This is the fourth year a team of volunteers and archologists have visited the settlement to dig up artifacts. This year they`ve found a lot more than just a few spoons... they`re unearthing what remains of an old Scottish homestead. Brian Higgins visited the site this afternoon.

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