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CN Think Golf - Bruce Rainnie

ThinkGolf.jpgHere's CN's Think Golf...a special summer series focussing on tips or upping your game on the green.

For the rest of the summer, the CBC's Bruce Rainnie will chat with leading golfers and other experts about all things golf.

Everything from how to diagnose shots gone bad, what to eat before a game and which clubs should be in your bag. Here's a link to the episodes.


Cystic Fibrosis - Melvin Jay & Ken Chan

CysticFibrosisBabyScreening.jpgMelvin Jay is with the PEI branch of cystic fibrosis. The organization is urging Quebec and the Atlantic provinces to screen newborns for the disease. CF Canada says the testing is standard in the rest of Canada, across the US and many countries around the world. Ken Chan raised the issue with premiers at the meeting of the council of the federation in Halifax. He's the vice-president Advocacy Research and healthcare at Cystic Fibrosis Canada. And we reached him earlier.

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Art in the Open - Charlottetown

ArtInThePark.jpgArt in the Open's organizers disclosed the festival's final details at Charlottetown City Hall today. The meeting kicked off with celtic dancing - one of twenty-seven performances and art installations taking place in August. Our Patrick Faller was there. He met up with Becka Viau - a coordinator with Art in the Open.

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