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Employment/Jobs: February 2013 Archives

"Just Passing Through" Series Creates Jobs

Jeremy Larter Just Passing Through 3.jpgA new maritime comedy series is being shot right here on PEI. The series is initially planned for the web - but the producer has other hopes for the show as well.

"Just Passing Through" has received provincial government funding and is providing jobs for dozens of Islanders. Sara Fraser talked with Jeremy Larter. He's the co-creator, director and producer of the series.

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Service Canada Restores EI Claim

Giersdorf Ghiz 3.jpg30 year old Marlene Giersdorf has been at the centre of a debate over the past month, over changes to the Employment Insurance system. Giersdorf was cut off from EI in early January, because she didn't have a car, and wasn't able to travel up to an hour's drive away to get a new job. That's one of the new rules in the program. Giersdorf protested outside Service Canada's office in Montague and got a lot of media attention. She appealed her claim, and now she has had it restored. Giersdorf has enrolled in a resident care workers program at Holland College. John Jeffery spoke to Marlene Giersdorf, earlier today about how she feels now that her EI claim has been restored.

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