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Dutch Thompson: August 2012 Archives

Dutch Thompson - Fiddles, Molasses & Preachers

MadelineStordyRoberts.jpgFiddles, Sunday night kitchen parties, cold molasses and hot tempered preachers. Dutch Thompson will be by to share some stories about Madeline Roberts, an Island quilter who's not short of stories herself.

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Dutch Thompson's WHEN & WHAT QUIZ!

Dutch1999Reunion.jpgDutch Thompson returns with his new and improved Quiz, with state-of-the-art - noisemakers. It's another competition where he pits Kerry against Eva for a huge prize - bragging rights. Take a few guesses to see if you can do better.

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Dutch Thompson - Cars Banned on PEI

Dutch Thompson Cars Banned.jpgWe'll go back to a day when cars were banned on Prince Edward Island, and yes kids... "people had to walk for miles and miles, just to go to the fair." Dutch Thompson tells us all about it on the bygone Days.

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