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Cultural: July 2013 Archives

The Origins of Celtic Music - Talk

DrPeterKateBevan-Baker.jpgDr. Peter Bevan-Baker and Kate Bevan-Baker, two generations of the Bevan-Baker family, are giving a talk about the origins of celtic music at Bites Cafe tomorrow in Hampton... through chats and fiddle demonstrations. They stopped by for a preview.

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College of Piping - Highland Storm

KarenHatcher.jpgThe College of Piping are presenting Highland Storm... featuring celtic music and dance. Their bands are polishing their drumsticks and costumes for national competitions. Karen Hatcher is the College's Executive Director and she spoke with Karen Mair.

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Allan Rankin - Lost No More

AllanRankinLostNoMore.jpgAllan Rankin has been part of PEI's cultural scene for decades. He started his career at St. Dunstan's University, joined the folk group the Troubadours in 1972, and then was mentored by Gene Maclellan. He was part of the award-winning show "Here On The Island", and part of the well-known Hedgerow cast... to mention a few.

Allan spoke with Karen Mair about his roots, his career, his writing, and his the stories and inspirations. Allan's new release is his second studio album entitled "Lost No More".

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