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Surprised By Your Mobile Fees? - Steve Anderson

Mobile Fees CRTC.jpgIf you've got a mobile device, chances are you've been caught off guard by surprise fees or ended up stuck with a lengthy contract. Well, relief for Canadian consumers might finally be on the way. The CRTC just released new draft guidelines aimed at better regulating the wireless industry. And it's asking the public for feedback, with a public hearing set to kick-off February 11th, 2013. For a better understanding of what's at stake for consumers we've reached Steve Anderson. He's the executive director of Open Media DOT ca.

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Talking Taters - PEI Potato Board

PEI Potatos Talking Taters 3.jpgA new marketing idea had Canadians at the Royal Winter fair in Toronto professing their affection for the humble potato. A video booth was set up during the Agricultural fair in the fall where people recorded their potato messages and stories about why they love PEI Potatoes. About 200 were recorded. And now, a series of six "Tater Talk" videos are part of a promotion by the PEI Potato Board. Kendra Mills, the marketing director of the PEI Potato board, spoke with CBC's Sara Fraser.

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