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Boyde Beck - First Community Cookbook

Boyde Beck Cookbook 3.jpgBack in 1897 they celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria, it's the last time we've celebrated a diamond jubilee here in the British Empire. Former British Empire. Until this year. So back in 1897 as part of the jubilee celebrations here on PEI they published a cookbook, it's the first community cookbook ever printed on PEI and as we wrap up celebrations of THIS diamond jubilee, there's a new reprint of that very cookbook available. Boyde Beck joined Kerry Campbell in the studio.

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Boyde Beck - Acadian Deportation

Boyde Beck Acadian Deportation.jpgTomorrow there will be services and events marking the Acadian Day of remembrance. It's a time to mark the struggles and journeys of the families forced to leave Acadie by the British. The Acadians were deported from Nova Scotia New Brunswick starting in 1755 and from PEI in 1758. The expulsion separated many families, and they were loaded onto ships bound for the Colonies or France. Today and tomorrow mark tragic anniversaries in the deportation story and historian Boyde Beck tells us the story.

Image courtesy of Aline Cormier / www.acadian-roots.com

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