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Book/Author: January 2013 Archives

Boyde Beck - Mud Season

Boyd Beck Mud Season 3.jpgMost of us are shivering in the cold or slipping on ice - and mud season seems like almost a relief. Of course I'm referring to spring also known as mud season - particularly on some country roads. But our historian Boyde Beck knows of another form of mud season that kept many Island farmers occupied.

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Jan Wong - Out of the Blue

Jan Wong 3.jpgJan Wong worked as a journalist for almost 30 years including 20 as an award-winning reporter for The Globe and Mail. Then a story she covered and the backlash from it led to her becoming sick. She was diagnosed with clinical depression and at the height of her illness she couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, could barely talk with friends and couldn't write. Jan Wong also became entwined in a battle over sick leave and compensation with her employer and health insurer. Jan Wong wrote about her experience in a self-published book called Out of the Blue. She's now a professor of Journalism at Saint Thomas University and she was in our Fredericton studio.

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Author Colleen Macdougall - Restoring Our World Soul

Colleen Macdougall 3.jpgIt's no surprise that a trip to a developing country can change one's life. Sometimes that changes the way you shop, or how much water you use or in the case of Colleen MacDougall how you think about global problems. Dr. MacDougall is originally from PEI and spent most of her working life practicing psychology in Edmonton. She was home on the Island for a visit and got in touch about her book "Restoring Our World Soul". Karen asked Colleen MacDougall why she wrote the book.

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