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Mendel Rosenbusch: Tales for Jewish Children - John Burden


Tomorrow night a unique book is being launched in Charlottetown. Mendel Rosenbusch: Tales for Jewish Children has had quite a life even before it's launch. The stories were originally written in 1929 in German by Ilse Weber who was gassed in Auschwitz in 1944. The book surfaced in 1998 in Santiago Chile and the people who found the book translated the stories into English. Enter Jim Munves who lives in Charlottetown and operates Bunim and Bannigan Publishers. He got Island artist John Burden to do the illustrations - and John stopped by to talk about the project.
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Jacob Richler - My Canada Includes Foie Gras

JacobRichler2.jpgRecently our colleagues at CBC Books arranged an interview with Jacob Richler about his new book. Richler is the food editor for Maclean's magazine - not to mention the son of Canadian literary giant Mordecai Richler. His new book is called My Canada Includes Foie Gras. But since it's release some comments by Richler have gone viral - especially in the culinary community on the East Coast. The Globe and Mail asked him why Atlantic Canada gets short shrift in the book and doesn't it have anything to offer to Canadian cuisine? Richler said we have lots to offer - we just haven't discovered it yet He also said the maritimes is a culinary sad sack - and crimes against seafood are particularly egregious. So here's my chat with Jacob Richler about his book and his opinion.

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David Helwig - About Love 3 Stories By Chekhov

DavidHelwigBookKaren.jpgI learned about Seth the award winning cartoonist a few years ago when his book Bannock Beans and Black Tea was released. It was a graphic novel about his father's early life on PEI. I interviewed John Gallant and Seth at that time ... sadly John passed away recently. And of course David Helwig became a household name - the writer and poet was PEI's poet laureate. So I was amazed when a new book came across my desk - it's called About Love 3 Stories by Chekhov. It's translated by David Helwig and designed and decorated by Seth. David came into the studio and Seth joined us on the line.

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