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Hugh MacDonald - Poetry Workshops

Poetry - WvA.jpgPEI is a province of poets. That's what UPEI English professor Richard Lemm was telling us just a couple weeks ago. Well here's something to make PEI a province of even better poets. A series of workshops and readings starts this Wednesday in Charlottetown, them moves on to Summerside and Montague in the following days. It's featuring four very successful poets from across Canada, including John B. Lee, Susan McMaster, Marilyn Gear Pilling and Marty Gervais... and one more, PEI's own Poet Laureate Hugh MacDonald, who helped organize the events. He joined us today in the Mainstreet studio.

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Mary Katherine - Red Shores and Pirate Anchors

Mary KatherinePirate.jpgMary Katherine, or MKR Mossey is the author of Red Shores and Pirate Anchors. Her story about PEI pirates is being published serially this summer in the Charlottetown Guardian and Summerside Journal-Pioneer.

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Owen Laukkanen - Q Line

OwenLaukkanen2.jpgKaren Mair recently had fisherman, poker journalist and author Owen Laukkanen in to our studio for the mainstreet Q Line.

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