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Parkside Elementary bicycle rack


IMG_2754.JPGGetting more students on bikes is a goal at Parkside Elementary in Summerside. That school is planning a creative addition to the front of the school - and they are asking the kids for their ideas. We dropped by the school.


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Atlantic Path Research Project

IMG_2562.JPGTracking Three-Hundred Thousand Canadians over thirty years can't be an easy job.  Kerry Campbell speaks with Tony Loring, with the Atlantic Path Research Project.  They are conducting one of the biggest cancer research projects in the world... and it's based here in the maritimes.

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Boyde Beck - A Constitutional Crisis and Ice!



Boyde speaks to Kerry Campbell about a hockey team, a minor constitutional crisis and something named after Lord Stanley. And ice. Lots and lots of ice.

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James Rodd - Island NDP looking for new leader



NDP leader James Rodd announced he's stepping down. He'll stay on until a leadership convention can be held later this year. James Rodd spoke with Kerry Campbell in studio about the reasons behind his decision, and the state of the party today.

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Michael Corney - "Gift of Six"

IMG_2546.JPGGift of Six is the first novel by Michael Corney of New Haven. His day job is with Camp Seggie, which provided lots of inside into the developing minds he's been writing for.  He is giving away free digital copies of the book.


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Winter Biking


Biking is a sport and a means of transportation that some are intimidated to try in the summer - let alone in the WINTER.

We've spotted a few winter cyclists and thought we'd ask them what the attraction is to Winter bicycling.

Come along for the ride.


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Spin Time - Heather Wilson


IMG_2524.JPGThe Islanders by Choice alliance says eventually, they want to OWN Islander Day. And to get there they've planned the biggest kitchen party in island history for this Islander Day, February 20th. Heather Wilson from Islanders by Choice is our Spin Time deejay. She's picked out some classic kitchen tunes. (We are unable to post the music from this segment to the website).


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Dutch Thompson - Monticello Hall and listener requests

monticello  hall.JPG

Dr Roddie macdonald.JPGJoe O'Hanley 2.JPG

Copy of redcliffe keppoch pei.JPG

mary macdonald stratford.JPGHere is our weekly segment with Dutch Thompson. He has a mixed bag for us - he talks about Monticello Hall and answers some listener requests.


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Moonlight International Foundation's Free Concert


How do you say thank you in Taiwanese? Well, if you're the group of buddhist monks who recently set up a monastery on PEI, you fly a 60-piece choir, along with an eight-peice orchestral ensemble all the way from Taiwan to Charlottetown, you book the Homburg theatre and put on a free concert for Islanders.

Kerry Campbell spoke with Geoffrey Yang of the Moonlight International Foundation.  We are unable to post the music from this piece to the web. 



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Rare List of PEI Acadians from 1763



Archivist Regis Brun discovered the misfiled document among the personal files of a French diplomat. (Marc Genuist/CBC)

Researchers at l'Universite de Moncton discover a rare list of acadians living on PEI in 1763.


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Arts Fundraiser for people with Alopecia

    You can just imagine how devastating it would be for a young woman to lose all her hair, and then to learn, it might never grow back.
    That's just what happened to Erika Roddick of Summerside.  We spoke with her aunt, artist Anne Gallant, who's spearheading a fundraising campaign to buy a custom-made wig for Erika. They're hoping to get a second one for a 10-year-old girl from New Brunswick with the same condition. To get both they'll have to raise close to ten thousand dollars.

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Spin Time - Alan Dowling


Thumbnail image for IMG_2486.JPGPicture this... it's 1964... February 1964 and the Beatles are on Ed Sullivan. Amid all the screaming, adoring fans in the studio and in front of television sets across North America... a young Alan Dowling was watching from his family's home in Charlottetown, PEI, thinking... I like how that guy plays the drums.

All these years later, Alan Dowling has turned the drums into quite a career for himself, one that was recognized last week, at the Music PEI Awards. Alan was our guest deejay for spintime today.  Unfortunately we are unable to post music to the web.


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Children in Nature - a soundscape



Thumbnail image for IMG_2481.JPG

Children in Nature is a new program that educates kids about the natural world.

It started taking children on hikes in nature this fall - based out of community centres around Charlottetown.

We caught up with the children at the Boys and Girls Club.


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Boyde Beck - Wartime Ice Rescue






IMG_2483.JPGSeventy years ago, the world was at war. And there was ice on the St. Lawrence... apparently enough to support a large aircraft. And these improbable events led to a most daring rescue attempt.

And now with all the details to fill in that tweet of a story, historian Boyde Beck.


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The Voluntary Resource Centre's Furnace Problems


pe-si-marieburge[1].jpgWhen you're the group that advocates for others in their time of need, who do you turn to, in your time of need?

The Cooper Institute is one of several NGOs who rent space in the Voluntary Resource Centre, an old and, truth be told, somewhat run-down building on Prince Street in Charlottetown.

 The building's furnace broke down.

The Cooper Institute is leading the fundraising campaign to pay for the new one, which was installed a few days ago.

Guest Host Kerry Campbell spoke with the Cooper Institute's Marie Burge .

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Doug Currie on Memorial University investment

Island students who want to go to medical school in the atlantic region have two choices Dalhousie University in Halifax and Memorial University in St.John's.
 The PEI government pays the medical schools to ensure a certain number of medical school seats are given to island students.
 The hope is that when those students graduate they will decide to come back to the island to practice medicine.
 But it hasn't really worked out that way - especially for those going to Memorial University.
 The province pays fifty thousand dollars a seat....for four seats at Memorial University's medical school. And there's a plan to add two more seats next year. Health minister Doug Currie says the return on that investment has not been good.
 He has just returned from a visit to Memorial to find out what, if anything can be done, to change that.  Angela Walker spoke with Minister Currie.

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Prince Street Elementary's Love of Reading

IMG_2466.JPGThe students and faculty at Prince Street Elementary are just raving about a program that helps them get books into the hands of every student.
    The "Indigo Love of Reading Foundation" gives each student the opportunity to pick at least two free books for their school each year - over a three year period.
    Unfortunelty for Prince Street - their three years are up.  
    But now other schools have the opportunity to apply.

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Dutch - Kathleen Henderson Jelly




Annie Cody Henderson midwife.JPG

We're about halfway through winter, a cheery thought, but we still have weeks to go. Dutch Thompson spoke with Karen Mair about a cure for the winter Blahs ... and her name is Kathleen Henderson Jelly.



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Mainstreet on the Map - Dan Ledwell

Daniel-Ledwell[1].jpgThere were a few Islanders staying up past their bedtimes last night to catch the David Letterman show.  Kathleen Edwards performed on David Letterman, backed up by PEI's Dan Ledwell. Ledwell has various music projects on the go and is a member of In-Flight Safety.  Guest host Kerry Campbell spoke to Dan over the phone as he was on a tour bus.

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UPEI Reading - Holly Luhning


Award winning poet Holly Luhning's first novel was the topic for discussion at a UPEI reading on Tuesday night. The novel Quiver is one of the the Globe and Mail's best reviewed for 2011. The book is connected to a sixteenth-century Hungarian serial torturer who - it's estimated - murdered 600 servant girls. But the novel is more than a thriller - it also explores our society's obsession with appearance. Author Holly Luhning stopped by to chat with Karen Mair.

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David Sheffield - Gene MacLellan


shefcat.jpgA lot of magic happened Saturday night at Zion Presbyterian Church at the Gene MacLellan tribute concert. David Sheffield travelled from Cobourg Ontario to see the show. It was an opportunity to do more research and hear some of his favorite music.  David dropped in for a visit and spoke with Karen Mair.

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