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Stacey MacKinnon - Birth Order

StaceyMackinnonBirthOrder.jpgWhose on first? Or rather who was born first and can you tell? Does it make a difference? Birth order has been the subject of research and speculation for years.

Relationship expert Stacey MacKinnon looks at the realities behind birth order and behaviour. Stacey MacKinnon teaches in the psychology faculty at UPEI.

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3 C's Support Group

There has been more and more cases of opiate addiction among young people. Islanders have been demanding more access to treatment and recovery services. But addiction doesn't only affect the addict ... those around them also face pain and shame.

Two Mothers of addicts are starting a support group for loved ones of addicts. Rose Barbour and Roni Power have started the 3 C's Support Group. Rose Barbour also operates the blog "Living Under the Shadows".
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