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Advice/Tips: October 2013 Archives

Liz Mackay - Cell Phone Savings

Liz MacKay 2013.jpgIt seems almost everyone has a cell phone these days, but many people are surprised by the over-the-top cellphone bill. Our "Fighting to be Frugal" columnist Liz MacKay stops by with tips on saving on cellular. You can find her blog at fightintobefrugal and we've posted the quizzes and links she recommended when searching for a cellphone.

Sites to help:

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Dr. Stacey MacKinnon - Consumer Relationships

StaceyMackinnonOct232013.jpgDr. Stacey MacKinnon, our relationship columnist, talks about consumer relationships, and the challenges of the one-stop shop, and the cost/benefits to our personal lives.  Dr. Stacey discusses realistic expectations, and the number one predictor of relationship success and happiness... committment.  If we are committed, where can we go for help when things go wrong? What can we do everyday to build a strong foundation?

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