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"Just Passing Through" Series Creates Jobs

Jeremy Larter Just Passing Through 3.jpgA new maritime comedy series is being shot right here on PEI. The series is initially planned for the web - but the producer has other hopes for the show as well.

"Just Passing Through" has received provincial government funding and is providing jobs for dozens of Islanders. Sara Fraser talked with Jeremy Larter. He's the co-creator, director and producer of the series.

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Boyde Beck - Islander Hits Hollywood

Boyde Beck Movies MS1.jpgHistorian Boyde Beck takes us to the movies - yes an Islander hits Hollywood big-time. Bruce Carruthers, former Mountie, native of Bedeque, was in 20 movies between 1938 and 1954. You need to be quick on the pause button to catch him in some of his roles, but he managed to make a living as an actor and advisor through the 1940s.

Heart of the North (1938) was his first movie. He played Constable Pedneult.
They Were Expendable (1945) -- "Man in Admiral's office"
Picture of Dorian Gray (1945) -- "Patron"
The Great Gatsby (1949) -- Servant
Red, Hot and Blue (1949) -- Newsman"
City Across the River (1949) -- "Policeman"
Carrie (1952) -- "Waiter"
Rose Marie (1954) -- "Sergeant"

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