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Mainstreet on the Map - Tracey Hubley

TraceyHubleyMS2013.jpgWe've been travelling to some exotic locations lately for Mainstreet on the Map. Talking to Islanders in places like Egypt and Delhi and Zurich. Today we're sticking closer to home. Tracey Hubley has been living and working in Ottawa for many years. She's worked for government but developed her own niche in the area of military procurement. Karen Mair reached Tracey Hubley at her office.

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RCMP Investigate Vandalism Near Plan B Site

Plan B Machinery Vandalism 3.jpgMonday morning, officials from Island Coastal discovered they thought looked like bullet holes through some of the windows of pieces of their heavy machinery parked in the Bonshaw area. The machinery is there for the Plan B highway realignment, but isn't being used right now.
Island Coastal owner, Blair MacLauchlan, didn't want to do a taped interview...but estimates the damage is about 35 hundred dollars. The CBC's Patrick Faller spoke with one of the protestors who's been camping near the project, as well as the RCMP's Constable Jeffrey Dow about the vandalism.

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Your Top Ten Local Picks - Your Vote Counts!

This week, YOUR votes will determine which local musicians will crack the top five in our Searchlight competition. We're looking for Canada's next great musical act. To have your say, head to cbcmusic.ca/mainstreetpei. Vote now!

Searchlight Final 10 popout.jpg

PEI Screenwriter's Bootcamp Seeks Participants

LouiseLalondeMS2013.jpgAny of your favorite movies or TV shows started with a good story. And if you've been inspired by the recent awards handed out for film and TV - well now's your chance. The PEI Screenwriter's Bootcamp is looking for participants. It's a chance for people in Atlantic Canada to work on their idea or their script with industry professionals. Louise Lalonde is the program coordinator and Karen spoke with her by phone.

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Grow-A-Farmer - Lucia Stephen

Grow-A-Farmer-LuciaStephen2013.jpgThe organization Acorn has been working with farmers in the Maritimes to guarantee a future for farms. Acorn is the acronym for Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network. The result is something called Grow-A-Farmer. It's a chance for current farmers to mentor and for potential farmers to get hands-on experience. Lucia Stephen is the Program Coordinator with Acorn and we reached her earlier.

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"Just Passing Through" Series Creates Jobs

Jeremy Larter Just Passing Through 3.jpgA new maritime comedy series is being shot right here on PEI. The series is initially planned for the web - but the producer has other hopes for the show as well.

"Just Passing Through" has received provincial government funding and is providing jobs for dozens of Islanders. Sara Fraser talked with Jeremy Larter. He's the co-creator, director and producer of the series.

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Richard Raiswell - Branding PEI

Richard Raiswell Political Columnist.jpgLately the PEI headlines that have gone viral in the news have to do with Senator Mike Duffy's place of residency and the discovery of many seals killed on one of our beaches. Not exactly the kind of images that draw tourists or say the Gentle Island or Come Play on My Island. Our political columnist has been thinking about the new opportunity to brand PEI and Richard Raiswell sees an opportunity.

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3rd Annual Mahjong Learning Day and Tournament

Mahjong Learning Day 3.jpgPeople had the chance to take part in some cultural fun and games. The PEI Association for Newcomers to Canada held its 3rd annual Mahjong Learning Day and Tournament. It was held at Murphy's Community Centre but Karen Mair had a head start.

Nancy Clement Yvette Doucette, Nicole Lee and Joe Burn set up a table in the studio to demonstrate the game and discuss Sunday's event.

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SpinTime - Mark Carr-Rollitt

SpinTime Mark Carr-Rollitt 3.jpgHe plays in the band The Count and the Cuban Cocktail and has a passion for
world music - So which tunes will Mark Carr-Rollitt pick as our SpinTime DJ?

Paco De Lucia: Solo Quiero Caminar

Born Under Punches (the Heat Goes On) Talking Heads

Herbie Hancock: Edith And The Kingpin

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CBC Searchlight Competition Gives Artists Airtime

Dozens of Island musicians are getting some extra exposure these days... taking part in the CBC Searchlight Competition that's looking for Canada's best new artist. Compass VJ Steve Bruce met up with a few of the PEI hopefuls - Rachel Beck Colwill and her sister Amy,  Colour Code, and Ten Strings and a Goat Skin. Afternoon Radio Host Karen Mair is giving the contestants plenty of air time. They've all posted an original recording on the CBC Radio website that Canadians can listen to and vote for each day. Besides offering exposure to thousands of bands across the country, one lucky act will win career-boosting prizes, including $20,000 in music equipment. The first round of Searchlight voting has begun.

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Searchlight Competition - Jolee Patkai

JoleePatkai2013.jpgOne of Mainstreet PEI's entries in our Searchlight competition has just released her second CD. Karen Mair talked to Jolee Patkai, Originally from Burlington, PEI. The musical roots run deep in her family and in 2007 she was nominated for Country Recording and Female Vocalist of the year with Music PEI. She's recorded a new CD entitled "Going Home". Karen Mair talked with Jolee in the Mainstreet studio.

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Boyde Beck - Islander Hits Hollywood

Boyde Beck Movies MS1.jpgHistorian Boyde Beck takes us to the movies - yes an Islander hits Hollywood big-time. Bruce Carruthers, former Mountie, native of Bedeque, was in 20 movies between 1938 and 1954. You need to be quick on the pause button to catch him in some of his roles, but he managed to make a living as an actor and advisor through the 1940s.

Heart of the North (1938) was his first movie. He played Constable Pedneult.
They Were Expendable (1945) -- "Man in Admiral's office"
Picture of Dorian Gray (1945) -- "Patron"
The Great Gatsby (1949) -- Servant
Red, Hot and Blue (1949) -- Newsman"
City Across the River (1949) -- "Policeman"
Carrie (1952) -- "Waiter"
Rose Marie (1954) -- "Sergeant"

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Boyde Beck Movies MS2.jpg

Revue Dinner Theatre - New York After Dark

New York After Dark MS3.jpgIt's dinner along with sketch comedy, music and improv and it's coming to PEI beginning this week. Revue Dinner Theatre opens it's latest production this week in Charlottetown. Six actors take you to "New York After Dark" - along with serving a gourmet meal, improvising sketches and singing songs. Sherri-Lee Darrach is the director and Adam MacGregor does the musical direction and they stopped by for a chat.

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The Bravest Canadian - Fritz Peters VC

SamMcBrideBook2013.jpgSam McBride is that author of a book about Islander, Fritz Peters, who's been referred to as "The Bravest Canadian". McBride has traveled from BC to receive a heritage award from PEI's Museum and Heritage Board. We'll talk to him about his book titled "The Bravest Canadian - Fritz Peters VC: The Making of a Hero of Two World Wars."

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Spintime - Godfrey Baldacchino

Spintime Godfrey Baldacchino.jpgMalta, Prince Edward Island... The Alan Parson's Project? What do any of these have to do with each other? Our Spintime DJ this week, Godfrey Baldacchino will tell us.

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Il-Karozzin - The Greenfields

Old and Wise - The Alan Parsons Project

Maritime Star - Alan Rankin

Sloan in Charlottetown - Chris Murphy

ChrisMurphySloan2013.jpgHard to believe it was more than 20 years ago that the band Sloan brought the Halifax music scene to national and even global attention. Within just a few years of a couple of the principals meeting at NASCAD, the group established itself as one of the most popular in the country. Sloan is on tour performing in Charlottetown Saturday night at the Confederation Centre and we caught up with frontman Chris Murphy on the road.

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Dutch Thompson - Courtship in the Bygone Days

Dutch Thompson Feb 14 2013.jpgDutch Thompson shares the stories of love from the bygone days. Five Islanders talk about their unconventional love... love for a horse and wagon, a 1936 Chrysler, a bouquet of flowers and more tales of courtship and love.

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Liz MacKay - Paying Down Household Debt

Liz Mackay F2BF Feb 14 2013.jpgPaying down household debt can be a tough row to hoe, especially at this time of year with high heating costs and some of us still struggling to recover from Christmas.

Our frugal columnist, Liz MacKay will share some ways to make it all a little less painful.

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Avoid the Valentine's Day Hype & Hooplah

StaceyMackinnon2013.jpgAre you tired of all the hype, hooplah and expense surrounding Valentine's Day? Our relationship
specialist Stacey MacKinnon says a back to basics approach to the "special" day may make you feel better about it all. Kerry Campbell find's out how. Our relationship specialist Stacey Mackinnon comes by once a month to offer sage, practical advice to help us keep our relationships healthy and meaningful.

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One Billion Rising - End Violence Against Women and Girls

OneBillionRisingMS2013.jpgONE BILLION RISING began as a call to action based on the staggering statistic that 1 in 3 women on the planet will be beaten or raped during her lifetime. With the world population at 7 billion, this adds up to more than one billion women and girls. One billion women and those who love them will walk out, dance, rise up, and demand an end to this violence. UPEI Professor Jennifer Taylor tells us more.

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Elected Versus Appointed? - Senator Catherine Callbeck

SenatorCatherineCallbeck2013.jpgCatherine Callbeck has served as a PEI senator since she was appointed by Jean Chretien back in 1997. Next summer she'll have to step down, upon reaching the senate's mandatory retirement age of 75. Hers is the next island senate seat which will become vacant, assuming Mike Duffy manages to hold on to his position. With all the talk about senate reform lately, we decided to ask Senator Callbeck, among other things, whether her seat should be filled by an elected or an appointed, senator. We reached Catherine Callbeck in Ottawa.

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Service Canada Restores EI Claim

Giersdorf Ghiz 3.jpg30 year old Marlene Giersdorf has been at the centre of a debate over the past month, over changes to the Employment Insurance system. Giersdorf was cut off from EI in early January, because she didn't have a car, and wasn't able to travel up to an hour's drive away to get a new job. That's one of the new rules in the program. Giersdorf protested outside Service Canada's office in Montague and got a lot of media attention. She appealed her claim, and now she has had it restored. Giersdorf has enrolled in a resident care workers program at Holland College. John Jeffery spoke to Marlene Giersdorf, earlier today about how she feels now that her EI claim has been restored.

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Richard Raiswell - Protecting Seals

Richard Raiswell Political Columnist.jpgThe recent killing of seals on beach near Beach Point has made news headlines across North America. And it prompted our Political Columnist Richard Raiswell to take a closer look at what legislative protections, if any, are in place in the province to protect seals or any living being for that matter from this type of cruelty. Here's Richard now.

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Jon Matthews - ECMA's Stompin Tom Award

JonMatthews2013.jpgTo say Jon Matthews is a busy musician is an understatement of extreme proportions. Jon writes his own songs - plays in a number of popular island groups - and has his own recording studio where he helps other artists perfect their sound. Jon is being recognized for all this work in a very special way. He is one of the recipients of the Stompin Tom Award at this years ECMA's in Halifax. He dropped by the studio earlier for a chat.

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Free Workshop on Freedom of Information

Ortenburger Johnstone 3.jpgSome of the Plan B protesters found out first hand that it's not always easy to get detailed government information. Phone calls making requests or going on government websites will only get you so far. But there is a formal process you can go through to get government documents under the Freedom of Information and Personal Privacy Act. The members of the PEI Citizens Alliance, made up of many of those upset about plan B, are hosting a free workshop on how to access government information. It's being held at this Saturday, February 16th from 1 until 3pm at the Cornwall Civic Centre. Two members have joined us today - Chris Ortenburger and Roy Johnstone.

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Potential Case of Deadly Bat Fungus Found on PEI

Dr Scott McBurney Bats.jpgA fungus that has killed entire colonies of bats on the mainland may have been found here on PEI. Preliminary findings indicate a bat found here was likely suffering from white nose syndrome, a fatal fungal infection. Over the last several years, an estimated six million bats in eastern North America have been killed by the disease. The CBC's Patrick Faller spoke with Dr. Scott McBurney, Wildlife Pathologist with the Canadian Cooperative Wildlife health centre at the Atlantic Vetrinary College about his findings.

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Spintime - Conductor Mark Shapiro

Mark Shapiro Spintime 3.jpgConductor Mark Shapiro from New York will be our guest DJ on SpinTime. The PEI Symphony Orchestra is presenting "Celebrate New Directions" on February 10th at 2:30pm, at the Homburg Theatre of the Confederation Centre of the Arts. Dr. Shapiro is the Music Director of The Cecilia Chorus of New York and Artistic Director of Cantori New York... and he's the guest conductor. He'll be conducting Symphony No. 2 by Rachmaninoff and a new work entitled "Arise" by Richard Covey of UPEI Music Department. Joining them is Adrian Irvine, who will perform Bruch's Violin Concerto No. 1 with the orchestra. (Kerry Campbell Hosts Mainstreet PEI)

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Dr. Richard Covey - World Premiere of ARISE

Karen and Dr Richard Covey 3.jpgThe PEI Symphony has special plans for this Sunday's performance. A guest conductor from New York, a spotlight on a young PEI violin talent and the world premiere of a new work. It's created by Dr. Richard Covey who teaches music theory and composition at UPEI. The world premiere of his work ARISE takes place Sunday at 2:30 at the Confederation Centre of the Arts. There is a pre-concert talk at 1:15.

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Jean-Sébastien Morin - A Case for Reisling

Jean-SébastienMorinMSA2013.jpgOur Sommelier is back for another visit. The last time Jean-Sebastien Morin brought in Reisling was for a summer tasting and he managed to change Karen's opinion, of what she considered, too sweet a wine. He's back today to make more of a case for Reisling. JS Morin is the wine category manager with the PEI Liquor Control Commission.

B0103Z Thirty Bench Riesling, Beamsville Bench VQA, Niagara Peninsula, Canada $20.99
09509Z Moselland Ars Vitis Riesling, Mosel, Germany $16.99
09518Z Bluefeld Riesling, Mosel, Germany $15.49

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Madeleine Thien - Dogs At The Perimeter

Madeleine Thien Book 3.jpgAward winning author Madeleine Thien is on PEI as part of the Winter's Tales series. She's a writer, primarily of short stories and novels. Her books have been released in over a dozen languages. And her most recent novel Dogs At The Perimeter is a Globe and Mail best book. That's the book Karen and Madeleine focused on when she stopped into the studio.

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Boyde Beck - House of Assembly

BoydeBeckMS2013.jpgIslanders take a certain amount of pride in having among the highest voter turnouts for elections - especially provincial ones. We love our politics. And Province House is a focal point not only for debate over issues and legislation - but a gathering place for protests and celebrations. Today our historian Boyde Beck takes us back to the time when the whole process of having a house of assembly was in its infancy.

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New Blonde Anne Causes Stir Amongst Fans

Blonde Anne 3.jpgA newly released boo, Anne of Green Gables is actually three in one. Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea and Anne of the Island. It's put out by the self-publishing arm of bookseller Amazon.com. And according to the hundreds of comments on websites and blogs, this woman looks nothing like the fictional girl Anne. She's leaning back against what might be a haybale, wearing a plaid shirt, she's buxom and - did I mention - blonde. Josie Leavitt brought this to people's attention through her Publisher's Weekly blog about children's books. I reached Josie Leavitt at her Flying Pig Bookstore in Vermont.

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The PEI History of Medicine - Lisa Chilton

HistoryMedicineLisaChilton2013.jpgIf you think back to the first time you were in a hospital it might seem a bit antiquated compared to current times. Lisa Chilton finds one particular old hospital can reveal a lot more than one might think. She's in the history faculty at UPEI. Tomorrow evening she's giving a talk at the PEI History of Medicine Society. Lisa Chilton joined Karen Mair in the studio.

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Classic Fairy Tales - ACT at the Guild

ACT Classic Fairy Tales 3.jpgThe community theatre group ACT is presenting two plays this weekend which re-introduce some of the classic fairy tales in fresh ways. Mirror Mirror is one of the productions being presented. Marly Haines directed Not So Grimm Tales and Keir Malone directed Mirror Mirror. The shows are on at The Guild Feb 7, 8 and 9 at 7pm with a matinee at 2 on the 9th. Tickets are available from the Box Office at the Guild.

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CBC Music - Looking for Canada's Best New Artist

GrantLawrenceSearchlight2013.jpgIf you're a working musician in Canada, Mainstreet and CBC Music may have a deal for you that's just too good to pass up. CBC Music is looking for Canada's best new artist... in ANY genre! Karen Mair talks to Grant Lawrence about this year's "Searchlight" Contest.

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UPEI Delays Closure Announcement - Steve Bruce

UPEI Closure 3.jpgIf you had your radio on this morning, you heard the usual barrage of storm-day closures and cancellations. But there's one you may have missed. UPEI didn't announce it was closing until well after eight o'clock. That was about two hours after the announcement schools were closed, and an hour after the news came out that Holland College was closing. Some university students and staff were already in class at UPEI and were told to go home. By that time, the students said conditions weren't safe. Reporter Steve Bruce spoke with the university's VP of Administration and Finance, Jackie Podger.

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Soccer Survey - John Diamond and Rachel Colwill

JohnDiamondRachelColwill2013.jpgIt may seem early in the season to be talking about soccer. But it's a year-round sport on PEI. Not only that it's a sport that more Islanders play than any other. Even with those high participation rates the PEI Soccer Association wants to see how it can cater its programming to better suit Islanders. The association launched 3 surveys today. To find out more Karen Mair invited Association president John Diamond and the Senior Women's Director Rachel Colwill into the studio.

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Spintime - Grant Lawrence

Grant Lawrence 1024x468.jpgGrant Lawrence hosts CBC Radio 3 Podcast with Grant Lawrence, a showcase of Canadian independent music and also hosts Grant Lawrence Live, a CBC web radio station. He's also the lead singer of Vancouver band, The Smugglers who released 8 albums on independent record labels over the last 15 years. He's a goalie, a contributor to Q, Spark, and Sounds Like Canada... and author of "Adventures in Solitude" (the BC Bestsellers List, #2 on the National Bestsellers List) and he's married to Jill Barber. Could he be more busy? Karen Mair managed to steal him away from all his projects and he joins us as our guest DJ for Spintime.

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Dutch Thompson - Island Centenarians

Dutch Thompson Centenarians 3 .jpgWe'll start a year-long series featuring Islanders who are all celebrating their hundredth birthday in 2013. These centenarians share their 100 year yarns when Dutch Thompson joins us with the By-Gone Days.

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Generation Jobless - Sharon Bartlett

SharonBartlettGenJob2013.jpgCanada's youth unemployment rate is double the national average. And according to the new CBC documentary, "Generation Jobless" that means at least one in three university and college grads is working a low-skilled job. Some call them "the lost generation, but the directors of the documentary "Generation Jobless' say there's hope. Sharon Bartlett is co-director of the show airing on Doc Zone and Karen reached her by phone. You can find more information at cbc.ca/doczone.

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