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Sharing the Songwriting Craft - Colin MacDonald

Colin MacDonald Karen Mair.jpgThe band The Trews have gone from growing up together to playing in highschool and local gigs in Antigonish to touring the world and winning lots of accolades and fans along the way. And if you're going to have success as a band - songwriting is key. It's an art that Colin MacDonald will be sharing some wisdom about. Tomorrow night he's hosting the Songwriter's Circle - a concert at the King's Playhouse in Georgetown. And Friday he's giving an interactive workshop at the Confederation Centre. Colin MacDonald slid into the studio earlier today.

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Mainstreet on the Map - Terry Stevenson - India

Terry Stevenson MS Map 3.jpgDriving and getting around may have been a little dicey on the Island today, but it's nothing compared to Delhi, India where Terry Stevenson is right now. He's traveled before but recently bought a ticket to travel around the world - from New Zealand to Thailand, Vienna, London... right through to Tahiti and India - to mention a few.

Terry is our guest today for Mainstreet On The Map and tells us about his travels.

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The Banff Mountain Film Festival Stops on PEI

Banff Mountain Film Festival 3.jpgTomorrow night Islanders have a chance to see a selection of world-class outdoor adventure films. The Banff Mountain Film Festival is on a world tour and is once again making a stop on PEI. This is not only a chance to see high caliber movies with compelling stories - it's also an opportunity to contribute to an event that gives back to the community. The PEI Adventure Initiative organizes the evening and the money raised supports projects in Charlottetown that create a more vibrant, sustainable community. Andrew Scott and Shannon Burt are organizing the film festival and they stopped by the Mainstreet studio.

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Surprised By Your Mobile Fees? - Steve Anderson

Mobile Fees CRTC.jpgIf you've got a mobile device, chances are you've been caught off guard by surprise fees or ended up stuck with a lengthy contract. Well, relief for Canadian consumers might finally be on the way. The CRTC just released new draft guidelines aimed at better regulating the wireless industry. And it's asking the public for feedback, with a public hearing set to kick-off February 11th, 2013. For a better understanding of what's at stake for consumers we've reached Steve Anderson. He's the executive director of Open Media DOT ca.

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Talking Taters - PEI Potato Board

PEI Potatos Talking Taters 3.jpgA new marketing idea had Canadians at the Royal Winter fair in Toronto professing their affection for the humble potato. A video booth was set up during the Agricultural fair in the fall where people recorded their potato messages and stories about why they love PEI Potatoes. About 200 were recorded. And now, a series of six "Tater Talk" videos are part of a promotion by the PEI Potato Board. Kendra Mills, the marketing director of the PEI Potato board, spoke with CBC's Sara Fraser.

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Richard Raiswell - Changes and Protests to EI

Richard Raiswell EI benefits 3.jpgThe changes to EI have been the topic of much discussion lately. From protests to politicians raising it provincially and federally. So when Marlene Geirsdorf of Montague started her campaign after losing her benefits - she became the posterperson of the issue. She caught the attention of a columnist in Canada's national newspaper - and that caught the attention of Mainstreet's political columnist, Richard Raiswell.

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Fun Hunt Concert - Celia Keoughan

FunHuntJan28.jpgThe Cross Country Fun Hunt concert took place last night at the Charlottetown Civic Centre with about 3000 young people and their parents. 12 Year old Lacey Keoughan won the concert, hosted by Jordan Francis, with Special Guest Victoria Duffield. We're joined today by her sister, Celia Keoughan to give us the details. The Cross Country Fun Hunt airs Saturday mornings on CBC.

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Spintime - Wendy Jones

Spintime Wendy Jones 3.jpg
Imagine inviting... maybe 100 people to come to your house, many of them strangers... hiring a band to entertain them. That's what Wendy Jones does all the time. Her home is also a live music venue, the old Belle River Church. It's up for a Music PEI Award this week as venue of the year, and Wendy Jones is our Spintime deejay today.

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Privacy Breach - Credit Monitoring Confusion

Privacy Breach 3.jpgWhen 583,000 former students in this country found out a few weeks ago that their personal data was lost on a portable hard drive, the outrage was loud and immediate. Today, the Canadian government came out to say it will take care of six years of credit flagging for those former students. But, there's still confusion about what kind of monitoring the federal government will provide. CBC's Pat Martel spoke to Alyson Queen, the Press Secretary for Human Resources and Skills Development Canada Minister Diane Finley. He also talked with Amanda Thoy of Charlottetown. She's one of the hundreds of Prince Edward Islanders with student loans worried about the fate of their private information.

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Sherwood School Music Class - Patrick Faller

Sherwood School Music Class.jpgPatrick Faller takes us for a visit to Mrs. Moar's music class at Sherwood School. For 20 minutes, every second day, a small group of children with special needs get together to sing, dance, spin, bang on drums, twirl ribbons, jump around, and do just about any other activity you can think of - to music. We hear from principal Jean Boudreau and the teacher - and the driving force behind this class - Jennifer Moar.

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Trinity Bradshaw - Emerging Artist

Trinity Bradshaw 3.jpgA young woman originally from Summerside who already had a promising musical career on the horizon, just got a lot more promising. Trinity Bradshaw won a six-figure grant from a Calgary radio station to further her musical career. We'll catch up with her, and talk about where this might take her. That was Trinity Bradshaw in Calgary. She's the pride of Summerside. Summerside has a lot of people to be proud of, she's one of them. Here's a song of Trinity's, you can find this on itunes it's called Gravity.
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Frank Zakem - Former Mayor of Charlottetown

Frank Zakem 3.jpgPeople all across Prince Edward Island were saddened this morning to hear of the passing of Frank Zakem. Frank was a former mayor of Charlottetown, the long-time principal of Holland College, and is remembered for his deep and sincere commitment to his community and to the less privileged. George MacDonald was privileged to serve on city council with Frank Zakem, and he joins us now to share some of his thoughts about the man.

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Boyde Beck - Mud Season

Boyd Beck Mud Season 3.jpgMost of us are shivering in the cold or slipping on ice - and mud season seems like almost a relief. Of course I'm referring to spring also known as mud season - particularly on some country roads. But our historian Boyde Beck knows of another form of mud season that kept many Island farmers occupied.

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Technologies Available For Blind and Visually Impaired

CNIB Innovative Technology.jpgIslanders who are blind or visually impaired can now try out new equipment. Thanks to the generosity of the Sherwood Parkdale Lions club, Islanders can test the  equipment at the PEI office of The CNIB. There was a demonstration of these new technologies today. Karen stopped in and talked to Darcy MacDougall, Brittany Fediurek and Peter Parsons. For more information about all the programs and equipment available at the CNIB give them a call at 566-3044

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Jan Wong - Out of the Blue

Jan Wong 3.jpgJan Wong worked as a journalist for almost 30 years including 20 as an award-winning reporter for The Globe and Mail. Then a story she covered and the backlash from it led to her becoming sick. She was diagnosed with clinical depression and at the height of her illness she couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, could barely talk with friends and couldn't write. Jan Wong also became entwined in a battle over sick leave and compensation with her employer and health insurer. Jan Wong wrote about her experience in a self-published book called Out of the Blue. She's now a professor of Journalism at Saint Thomas University and she was in our Fredericton studio.

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Emerald Bridge Repairs - Steve Bruce

Emerald Bridge 3.jpgRoadway repairs are a way of life in this province and any time work is started or finished early it's considered quite a bonus. Well, work is due to start to replace the Emerald Bridge earlier than scheduled. It wasn't supposed to start until the spring. The bridge closed several months ago, after the province determined it couldn't sustain the weight of snowplows. But that meant a 13 killometre detour for residents... and they thought that was too much. CBC's Steve Bruce spoke with Minister of Transportation Robert Vessey about the project today. We'll hear from him in just a moment. But first, Steve went out to Emerald today to speak with resident Ken MacCarville about his concerns.

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Marc Garneau - Federal Liberal Party Race

Marc Garneau 3.jpgThe race to lead the federal liberal party is off and running. You may have seen the first of the debates featuring 9 candidates yesterday. One of those candidates has already made history in this country The first Canadian in outer space - Marc Garneau took part in 3 flights on NASA space shuttles. He's also a retired military officer and an engineer and he's brought that wealth of experience to his job in Ottawa as MP for Westmount-Ville Marie in Montreal. And now he's set his sights on the Liberal leadership. Marc Garneau is visiting PEI today and joins me now.

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PEI Musician James Phillips

James Phillips 3.jpgPEI musician James Phillips has a new project on the go, along with a few other familiar names. We'll hear all about "Sweetheart Jim And The Brothers Grim".

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SpinTime - Photographer Lorne Miller

Photographer Lorne Miller CBC Spintime.jpgHe hears music through the lens of his camera. Photographer Lorne Miller specializes in images of bands and entertainment on PEI. The MusicPEI award winning visual artist pops on some headphones today as our SpinTime DJ.

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PEI Craft Art and Giftware Buyers Market

PEI Buyers Market 3.jpgKaren stopped by the Confederation Centre of the Arts today. There are artisans booths filling the halls and main space of Memorial Hall. It's the 13th annual PEI Craft Art and Giftware Buyers Market. It's funded by the Department of Innovation and Advanced Learning. There are almost 50 vendors from across the Island displaying their products. Karen spoke with two artisans - Susannah Rutherford is the President of the PEI Crafts Council and Laura Cole is the council's co-ordinator.

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Dutch Thompson - Bygone Days (Wellington Macneill)

This week - stories about one of Dutch Thompson's heroes - larger-than-life islander Wellington Macneill. MacNeill was a horse trader and enterpeneur extraordinaire... he bought cattle, shipped potatoes and brought wild horses from alberta to PEI.

Dutch Thompson Jan 18 2013.jpg
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Basilica Organ - Music Director/Organist Leo Marchildon

Leo Marchildon 3.jpgThat's the sound of the pipe organ at St. Dunstan's Basilica in Charlottetown. The organ has been undergoing a retrofit since last spring. Christmas eve midnight mass was its debut for parishioners. And tomorrow night there will be a free concert to show off all this Casavant is capable of. Leo Marchildon is the music director and organist at St Dunstan's and Karen asked him what the renovated organ means to him.

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Mainstreet on the Map - Anne Gallant

Anne Gallant 3.jpgWe like to brag about the quality of our seafood here on the East Coast but in France many point to the port city of Marseille, on the southwest coast, as the source of amazing seafood. PEI artist Anne Gallant is there for a month and we reached her using Skype.

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The Changing EI Story - PSAC Jeannie Baldwin

PSAC Jeannie Baldwin 3.jpgIt's an ironic twist on the changing EI story. The workers who are implementing the changes are feeling caught between their jobs and the complaints they're hearing over the system. The Public Service Alliance of Canada represents federal government employees. Many of them are also part-time or seasonal workers, and federal government cuts took away EI processing jobs in Montague. Angela Walker reached Jeannie Baldwin - the regional vice president of PSAC in the Atlantic Region to find out how her members are feeling.

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The Dangers of Drinking and Driving - Alex Poole

Alex Poole 3.jpgStudents at Three Oaks learned an important lesson today. At Least Alex Poole hopes they did. He's a living example of the dangers of drinking and driving. He shared his story from his wheelchair and our reporters Maggie Brown spoke with Alex Poole after his presentation.

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Liz MacKay - Fighting to be Frugal

LizMacKay3.jpgThis is reality check month for many - bills are coming in - paying for December's spending and it's a time to try new things. So rather than save up for something new our frugal friend Liz MacKay is suggesting second hand. Liz is a mother of five - she and her family live in York and she has a blog called Fighting to be Frugal. You can follow her adventures at fightingtobefrugal.

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The Cross Country Fun Hunt Concert - Sunday, January 27th

The Cross Country Fun Hunt Jan 15.jpgLacey Koughan won the Fun Hunt. So the concert starring celebrity teen Jordan Francis who you may have seen on Camp Rock 2 and Canadian artist Victoria Duffield is coming to the Charlottetown Civic Centre Sunday, January 27.

The free tickets went like hotcakes - but we managed to nab 10 of them. so all this week we're asking you to make a pitch and you could win a pair of tickets. Here's Fun Hunt Ambassador Lacey Koughan's pitch for PEI as a place to visit.

If you want to win a pair of tickets to the Cross Country Fun Hunt concert just call our talkback 1-800-680-1898 email mainstreet@charlottetown.cbc.ca or post on the MainstreetPEI PAGE on FB. We'll make the draw on Friday.

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PLAYS WANTED! - ACT (A Community Theatre)

ACT Plays Wanted 3.jpgYou may have seen the Golden Globes awards show last night - many of those actors got their start on a smaller stage. And small stage plays are in demand right now from the organizers of the 2013 PEI Community Theatre Festival. This annual event at the carrefour Theatre provides a friendly atmosphere for amatuer drama groups to strut their stuff. The festival is set for April - but tomorrow is the deadline for saying you're interested in getting on stage. Kate Martin is on the organizing committee for the PEI Community Theatre Festival and she stopped by our studio.

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Author Colleen Macdougall - Restoring Our World Soul

Colleen Macdougall 3.jpgIt's no surprise that a trip to a developing country can change one's life. Sometimes that changes the way you shop, or how much water you use or in the case of Colleen MacDougall how you think about global problems. Dr. MacDougall is originally from PEI and spent most of her working life practicing psychology in Edmonton. She was home on the Island for a visit and got in touch about her book "Restoring Our World Soul". Karen asked Colleen MacDougall why she wrote the book.

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Spintime - Max Keenlyside

Max Keenlyside 3.jpgJelly Roll Morton, Scott Joplin and Fats Waller were the featured artists when PEI's own Ragtime pianist extraordinaire, Max Keenlyside joined us as our Spintime DJ.

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Counterfeit Culture - Filmmaker Geoff D'Eon

CC Geoff D IM3.jpgWe've all seen them and we might even have a few in our closets: knock-off  purses, sunglasses, watches. But while a knock off Rolex probably won't cause you any harm ... other fakes might. They might even kill you. This new documentary reveals the dangerous side of fakes. "Counterfeit Culture" aired on on CBC's Doc zone and we'll talk to the filmmaker about what he uncovered.

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Port and Sherry - Sommelier Jean-Sébastien Morin

Jean-Sébastien Morin 3.jpgIt's a new year and our guide to wines is back to continue our education. Jean-Sebastian Morin has taught us about many regions around the world and their specialty grapes and vintages. He's the wine category manager with the PEI Liquor Control Commission. Today JS is back with a taste of something suitable for a dark winter's night.

B0056Z Tio Pepe Fino Sherry $20.59    (paired with almonds)
06240Z Taylor Fladgate Late-Bottled Vintage Port  $22.59  (paired with chocolate truffles)
06250Z Taylor Fladgate 10 Year-old Tawny Port $36.89  (paired with Stilton Walnut Shortbreads)

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Boyde Beck - Dizzy Block

BoydeBeckSketchBook3.jpg"Dizzy block" describes the habit of driving around and around and around the core of downtown Charlottetown until one finds a parking spot. But before we got dizzy from driving - or using cars - we still had to get around in the ice and snow - and Boyde Beck our historian is here now.

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The Meds - Kyle Drake and Pat MacDonald

The Meds Karen Mair 3.jpgThe PEI band, The Meds, have been out touring - opening for Halifax rocker Matt Mays in 2012. And the year 2013 looks like an exciting one. The four piece band has been nominated for 2 MusicPEI awards - Best new artist and Hunter's Rock recording of the Year. They may be heading back to the ECMAs and releasing a longer CD. This friday The Meds has an official launch in Charlottetown for their EP and lead singer Kyle Drake and guitarist Pat MacDonald stopped by Mainstreet to tell us about it.

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Dr. Stacey Mackinnon - The Romeo And Juliet Effect

StaceyMacKinnon3.jpgHave you ever tried to tell someone close to you that the person they're becoming romantically involved with just isn't right for them... only to bring them closer together and more determined to continue with their bad relationship? Well it happens more than you may think. It happens so often, in fact, researchers have a name for it... "The Romeo And Juliet Effect". To find out more I've been joined by Doctor Stacey Mackinnon... Mainstreet's relationship specialist.

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Corporate Research Associates Poll

CRA Poll Karen Mair.jpgAs you've heard in our news today, a new poll was just released by Corporate Research Associates. It looks at how Atlantic Canadians feel about federal politics and some of the numbers are quite dramatic on PEI in particular. Big drops from November 2011 to November 2012 in support for the federal Conservatives and significant increases for the federal liberals. Don Mills is CEO of Corporate Research Associates. He spoke with Brendan Elliott.

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Richard Raiswell - Election Promises

Richard Raiswell3.jpgJust how much can you promise to do...or not to do during an election campaign? That's the question one group of concerned Islanders is hoping to get a definitive answer to as it prepares to take the Provincial Government to court over plans to bring in the HST April 1st. For his thoughts on this... here's Mainstreet's Political Columnist Richard Raiswell.

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Confed Centre's Public Art Shortlist - Kevin Rice

Kevin Rice3.jpg2014 is also an important year for the Confederation Centre of the Arts. The centre has decided to commission a work of public art to mark the occasion. The shortlist is down to five artists. The proposals are on view in the Centre's concourse and that's where Karen Mair spoke with the director of the Confederation Centre Gallery, Kevin Rice.

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Malcolm Stanley - Musician/Artist

Malcolm Stanley3.jpgYou've heard of cake auctions and baking competitions - well tomorrow night there's a pie-off happening at The Dunk on the Dixon Rd. This is an annual event but this year the friends of the Dunk have decided to support a neighbour and musical friend. Malcolm Stanley stopped by to wet our appetite.

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SpinTime - Dr. Jenni Zelin

Dr Jenni Zelin SpinTime.jpgDr. Jenni Zelin asked can ANYBODY be a SpinTime DJ? And the answer is 'yes' that's the whole idea. This week She steps into the DJ booth and plays tunes from the soundtrack of her life.

The Weavers - Venga Jaleo

Love Me Or Leave Me - Feeling Good - The Very Best Of Nina Simone

Andy - Best Band You've Never Heard In Your Life/zappa, Frank

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Controlling Hazing - Ron Annear

Hazing Policy UPEI.jpgSchools, colleges and universities in the region are no doubt paying close attention to a story out of Halifax today. Dalhousie University has suspended most of its women's hockey team following an investigation into a hazing incident. Only five, first-year players remain for what is now a forfeited season. Dalhousie says the hazing involved "humiliation, intimidation and excessive drinking." Here, at UPEI, Ron Annear is the director of athletics and recreation. Pat Faller talked to Annear for his reaction and his thoughts on controlling hazing.

Dutch Thompson - Stories About Giving

Dutch Thompson Jan32013.jpgDutch Thompson is here to ring in the new year with some stories from the bygone days and in the spirit of the season he says he's still in a giving mood.  We sailed out of 2012 with stories about kind hearts & good Samaritans from days gone by - so let's start off the new year with more stories about giving.

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Julianna Kozma - Secrets of the Dunes

Juliana Kozma.jpgThey say do what you love - and if you add living on PEI - well many of us would say you've got it made. Like many people Julianna Kozma and her family went from camping on PEI to being here whenever they weren't needed at home in Quebec. PEI has also proved to be a setting for 2 novels written by Julianna. Mosquitoes of Summer and Secrets of the Dunes - are mysteries for young people. The Kozmas are at their Island home in French River for the holidays and Julianna Kozma stopped by.

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John Stanton - Winter Running

John Stanton Winter Running.jpgWhen you think about being active outdoors in winter, skating and skiing probably spring to mind. But increasingly, runners aren't letting snow and ice keep them indoors. According to our next guest... as long as you're properly prepared, winter running is well worth the effort. John Stanton is the founder of the Running Room.

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Mainstreet On The Map - Philip Hamming in Egypt

PJ Hamming 3.jpgThere are lots of Islanders living and traveling elsewhere these days. We made contact with Philip Hamming in Cairo, Egypt via skype. He's from Meadowbank, PEI but has taken his teaching abroad... and is learning as well.

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