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Spin Time - Steve Bruce

SpinTimeSteveBruce.jpgNo one shoots like Gaston, no one writes like Gaston, no one stands up on TV holding mics like Gaston... Our very own Steve Bruce is playing the roll of Gaston in the production of Beauty And The Beast at the Harbourfront Theater in Summerside. He's also our guest Spintime DJ here on Mainstreet.

SteveBruce8x10.jpgSeeds - Hey Rosetta

Saltwater Joys - Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers

Barton Hollow - Civil Wars

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Paper Lions - King's County Food Banks

PaperLions3.jpgIsland Band Paper Lions is home for the holidays. And they've decided to put on a concert unlike anything they've done before. It's a sit down show with lots of amazing back-up talent. And the guys are planning to give back to the Food banks in King's county. Colin Buchanan David MacDonald and John MacPhee dropped by the Studio recently.

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Susur Lee - Q-Line

Susur Lee3.jpgHe owns restaurants around the world and is considered one of Canada's most famous chefs. Susur Lee submits to the Mainstreet Q-line.

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Sofie and Lucie Herinkova - Karen's Big Fans

Karen Fans Sofie Lucie.jpgKaren met her biggest fans today! Sofie & Lucie Herinkova from Stratford came in with donations for the CBC Turkey Drive They have their own show called "Coming up on Mainstreet PEI. They joined Karen on Mainstreet.

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Boyde Beck - Health and Housekeeping Tips from 1920

BoydeBeck3.jpgThere are lots of people feeling the change in the weather - not to mention getting hit with a cold. Historian Boyde Beck has health and housekeeping tips from the 1920's that might just work today.

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Music Ed - Holland College to Berklee College

Berklee3.jpgThey say it takes practice practice practice to get to Carnegie Hall. It also takes talent and these days music education. Music students at Holland College now have an extra edge in their education. The college has an agreement with what's considered the most famous music school in the world - the Berklee College of Music in Boston. It's alumni include 200 Grammy Award winners. Forty three hundred students attend Berklee with international students coming from 90 countries including Canada. Today two staff members from Berklee were jamming with students at the Holland College School of Performing Arts. And there's a chance for more jamming this evening. Karen Mair met with Alan Dowling Head of music performance at Holland College and Jason Camelio the Director of International programs at Berklee College of music.

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Bernard Burton - Craft Producers and Business Development

PEICraftCouncil.jpgNot long ago Karen visited with a couple of members of the PEI Craft Council as they were preparing for the annual Christmas craft fair. We're not talking about people macramaying around a woodstove - they're business people using social media and staying ahead of the curve. People involved in the craft sector on PEI are getting an update on things through a couple of workshops this week. The presenter is Bernard Burton he's executive director of the Craft Alliance.

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Island Senator Mike Duffy - Maritime Union

MikeDuffy3.jpgThe idea of a 3-way marriage among maritime provinces is circulating again. On the tails of last week's meeting of Premiers - Donald Savoie, the Canada research chair in public administration at the University of Moncton, raised the idea of Maritime Union. Savoie is a long time proponent of a formal union and would like to see more barriers broken down in the region. Now an Island Senator is speaking out on the idea.

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Richard Raiswell - Drunk Driving Penalties

RichardRaiswellPenalties.jpgThe Christmas party season has started and with that comes extra warning about drinking and driving. But on PEI those warnings don't seem to be heeded at any time of year. Our political columnist has been looking at the penalties. Here's Richard Raiswell.

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Rikki Schock - Aboriginal Order of Canada

RikkiSchock3.jpgFor years Rikki Schock has been a fixture on the aboriginal scene on PEI. A mother - grandmother - she is the Vice President of the Native Council of PEI. Recently she was awarded the Aboriginal Order of Canada. It's given to both aboriginal and non-aboriginals who work to advance the social political and economic goals of aboriginal Canadians. Rikki Schock shared some of her story.

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Steven Page - Barenaked and Solo

StevenPage3.jpgIt seemed like a more innocent time didn't it? It was the early 1990s, a new band emerged, with a funny name and a funny little song people kept calling radio stations to request. The song was If I had a million dollars, the band was the Barenaked Ladies. They were together for 20 years, they're still together, but their front man Steven Page went his own way a few years ago. He's on a solo tour right now, performing tonight at the Harmony House Theatre in Hunter River. We reached Steven Page on the phone.

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Christina Bouey - Spin Time

ChristinaBouey33.jpgYou want to know what the value is of teaching music in schools? Ask Tina Bouey. The former Islander is now based in New York City, where she's a rising star in the world of classical music. She got her start in the strings program at Sherwood School. Tina is back home to perform with the PEI Symphony this weekend and she'll be our guest deejay today on Spin Time.

I Love You and Don't You Forget It - Quincy Jones

Fantaisie de Concert sur "Carmen", op 25 - Itzhak Perlman: A Portrait

After the Storm - Sigh No More/Mumford & Sons

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Questions About Wine?

Jean-SébastienMorin2.jpgMainstreet's Sommelier Jean-Sebastien Morin would like to hear from you. Send in your questions about wine, wine collecting, wine gifts, the wine industry - anything you like and he'll do his best to respond.

Tune into 96.1 FM - Mainstreet PEI on Thursday, November 29th when Jean-Sébastien answers your questions.

Email mainstreet@charlottetown.cbc.ca

Call 1-800-680-1898

Post on Facebook or Twitter @MainstreetPEI

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Dutch Thompson - Old folk Remedies and Unusual Cures

DutchNov22A.jpgDutch Thompson is back with more "very goods" -  his  very best stories from the bygone days. Today, in honour of flu-shot season we've got  stories about old folk remedies and some very unusual cures... from salt herring to healing springs.

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Winter's Tale - Susan Gillis and Stephanie Bolster

WintersTalesPoster3.jpgTwo distinguished poets are visiting PEI today. Susan Gillis is a Halifax native who now teaches English in Montreal. She's received high praise for her love poems but her latest collection The Rapids explores the more turbulent passages in our lives. With her today is Stephanie Bolster who teaches writing in Montreal. She's a governor-general's award winner. Her latest book is called A Page from the Wonders of Life on Earth.

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Mainstreet on the Map - Brianna Gill

On more recentBrianna Gill3.jpg Remembrance Days we've been hearing from many of the new Korean immigrants to PEI, and some of them seem to feel a very real, very direct connection to Canadians who served in the Korean War. And for people who just moved here, Remembrance Day seems a very solemn occasion for them. Of course we can thank the PNP in large part for this growing relationship between Korea and PEI, but there are Islanders who are working on this the other way around. Brianna Gill of Stratford arrived in South Korea a couple months ago, she's there teaching English and we reached her on Skype earlier today for our segment Mainstreet on the Map.

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Gerry Dee - Teaching It's Harder Than It Looks

GerryDeeBookBG3.jpgGerry Dee is a very funny guy, and if you go by his show, Mr. D, he was a pretty lousy teacher before he gave that career up to go into comedy full-time. Well I don't know if the show is EXACTLY true-to-life. Gerry's new book "Teaching: it's harder than it looks" delves into all sorts of challenges in the teaching profession. Sex-ed class. Teaching kids you KNOW are smarter than you are. Gerry Dee has a show tomorrow night at the Confederation Centre in Charlottetown. He spoke with Karen Mair.

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Stacey MacKinnon - Changing Our Partner

StaceyMacKinnon3.jpgMost of us have something we might want to change about our partners. Mainstreet's relationship columnist, Dr. Stacey MacKinnon dropped by to tell us that your partner might not be the one who needs to change.

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Ted Grant - Showcasing PEI Seafood

TedGrant3.jpgLobster, crab and mussels from PEI have been showing off lately. Making appearances at the world's largest seafood show in China and in September touring for a week in Alberta. Part of those trips included budgeting for a Chef from the Culinary Institute to prepare and showcase the seafood.

That Chef is Ted Grant - he's the Research and Development Chef at Canada's Smartest Kitchen. He's a bit concerned that people have the wrong impression and think he's Fisheries Minister Ron MacKinley's personal chef. I paid Chef Grant a visit at Canada's Smartest Kitchen.

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Richard Raiswell - Debt, HST and Program Cuts

RichardRaiswell3.jpgIt's the second week of the fall sports season on PEI. Yes The legislature is in session. And already there's lots of talk about the provincial debt, the HST and the potential for cuts paying for programs and bills. Mainstreet's political columnist has a certain sense of deja vu. And it has a liberal feel to it. Here's Richard Raiswell.

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Liz MacKay - Save the Bank and Your Sanity

LizMacKay3.jpgDid you get to a craft fair or a mall or cross the border to Moncton over the weekend. Yes 'tis the season to try to buy happiness with gifts and major debt. Our Fighting to be Frugal columnist has five children and she's come up with some ways to save the bank and her sanity. Liz MacKay dropped by the Mainstreet studio.

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UPEI Wine Tasting Event - Jason Cooke and Wade Lynch

Wine Tasting Event.jpgA group of UPEI students has organized an event for tomorrow night in Summerside - that should help them raise funds and have people raising some glasses. These are faculty of education students who are specializing - and their specialty requires a bit of travel. So they're combining the notion of travel with a global wine tasting opportunity. Jason Cooke is a 2nd year education student. Wade Lynch is the associate artistic director at the Charlottetown Festival and he's also a wine expert.

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Spin Time - Jon Matthews

JonMatthews3.jpgThey say, do what you love and some people know from an early age... like award winning musician, producer and recording engineer Jon Matthews. Jon is our Spin Time DJ and Karen Mair met with him in his home studio. Here are links to his picks.

Jason Plumb - Under and Over

What a Good Boy - Gorden/Barenaked Ladies

Do It Anyway - Ben Folds Five

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Jean-Sébastien Morin - New Zealand Wines

Jean-SébastienMorin2.jpgThe last time our sommelier was here he began our introduction to wines from New Zealand. A country that went from being a nobody on the wine map to making a name for premium wines and cutting edge technology. Jean-Sébastien Morin is the wine category manager with the PEI Liquor Control Commission and he's back with more.

New Zealand Wines
09533Z Stoneleigh Riesling (Marlborough) $19.99
08990Z Oyster Bay Merlot (Hawks Bay) $20.99
07438Z Villa Maria Syrah (Hawks Bay) $23.99

Beaujolais Nouveau
00212Y George Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau 2012 $15.99

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Cross Country Fun Hunt - Lacey Koughan

FunHuntLaceyKoughan3.jpgThe CBC TV Show "Cross Country Fun Hunt" features teen star Jordan Francis traveling across Canada to destinations nominated by kids under 16 across the country. And if the lobster fishing in that clip sounds like something familiar - it's because the scene was shot on PEI. Lacey Koughan was successful in getting the Cross Country Fun Hunt crew to come to PEI and the episode airs this weekend. And PEI Fun Hunt kid ambassador Lacey joined Karen Mair in the studio. You can watch the PEI edition of CBC's Cross Country Fun Hunt this Saturday, November 17th at 9:30am. and join the show on facebook and online to vote and take part in other cool stuff  cbc.ca/kids/funhunt.ca

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Boyde Beck - 1881 Bank Fiasco

BoydeBeck3.jpgImagine you arrive and work and the boss has fled the province. Our Historian Boyde Beck  brings us the real story of the Bank of Prince Edward Island in 1881.

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Bully Book - Doretta Groenendyk

BullyBookDorettaGroenendyk.jpgEven though this is anti-bullying week in Canada, not a day goes by when we don't hear or see examples of bullying. On the internet, in the schoolyard, the workplace and in the legislature. An artist, writer and teacher has pooled her creativity to approach bullying with a picture book. Karen Mair reached Doretta Groenendyk at her home in Annapolis, Nova Scotia.

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Throne Speech Debrief - Brendan Elliott

BrendanElliotThroneSpeech.jpgLieutenant Governor Frank Lewis opened the fall session of the provincial legislature this week with his speech from throne. The speech gives Islanders a glimpse at the blueprint or roadmap government plans to follow for the next year. Our political reporter Brendan Elliott has gone through the speech and he joined Karen Mair in the studio with some of the highlights.

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Jane Ledwell - I Saw Your Name in the Paper

JaneLedwell3.jpgLike turning on the radio it's a habit for many Islanders to open a paper at the start of the day. That's the starting point for some research Jane Ledwell conducted looking at The Guardian. Jane works with the PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women and the PEI Coaltion for Women in Government. Those two organizations along with the Confederation Centre Library are sponsoring a conversation tonight about the media and women's leadership called I Saw Your Name in the Paper. Jane Ledwell stopped by the studio.

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Richard Raiswell - Retiring Old-style Politics

RichardRaiswell3.jpgFrom Remembrance Day ceremonies yesterday - to the Legislature opening for another session tomorrow - the outside of Province House has seen a bit of sprucing already this week. But it's what goes on inside that's on our political columnist's mind. Today Richard Raiswell looks at retiring old-style politics on PEI.

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Laurie Brinklow - Here For The Music

LaurieBrinklow3.jpgLaurie Brinklow wears many hats - she's a mother - a writer an editor a publisher - a wonderful friend - a PhD candidate - a singer - a fabulous baker - and now author to a collection of poems called Here For The Music. The book is being launched along with music this wednesday evening. I asked Laurie to pop by the studio to chat about these poems.

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Anna and Godfrey Baldacchino - A Taste of Islands

ATasteOfIsland.jpgThere's no better way to get to know people and a culture than through food. Not to mention marking special occasions with traditional foods and feasts. When you put two people together - one who loves to cook - the other loves to eat and by nature of his work is forced to travel to islands around the world. Well what could be better than a cookbook. Anna Baldacchino and her husband Godfrey joined Karen Mair to talk about their new book... A Taste of Islands. 

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Diane Griffin - Walk & Talk

DianeGriffin3.jpgMany people are entwined in the Plan B debate these days. It's the latest in many clashes between development and preservation on pei. Diane Griffin has worked in and outside government for decades - and always working for the cause of nature. Now she's decided to retire as program manager with the nature conservancy of canada. Next week there will be a dinner and roast to recognize her contributions and a fundraiser of course with money going back to conservation projects on pei. Karen went for a walk with Diane Griffin to learn and reflect.

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Suzanne Campbell - Spin Time

SuzanneCampbellSpinTime.jpgMusic teacher, Mezzo-soprano Suzanne Campbell is our SpinTime DJ! Suzanne shares her music beginnings, tells us about who here music idols are, and the challenge of taking care of her instrument - her voice.

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Dutch Thompson - 90 Year old Veteran

DutchThompsonNov8.jpgRemembrance day is just around the corner and Dutch Thompson is here with  the story of a remarkable 2nd World War veteran celebrating her 90th birthday.

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Silence of the Strings - Sara Fraser

StringsSaraFraser3.jpgStudents interested in learning how to play the violin will no longer be able to do it during school hours. The Eastern School District is phasing out the strings program at the five schools that previously offered it.

It's not a financial decision, but rather an educational one. Tammy Hubley-Little is in charge of curriculum delivery for the school board. We also wanted to find out how losing the program will affect students. Longtime music teacher Sue Irvine, president of the Registered Music Teachers Association on PEI, also spoke with reporter Sara Fraser.

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48th annual PEI Crafts Council Crafts Fair

PEICraftsCouncilCraftsFair3.jpgThe Confederation Centre of the arts is being transformed today. People who have been creating prints and pottery, jewellry to specialty foods... are moving in. Tomorrow the 48th annual PEI Crafts Council Crafts Fair begins. The craft fair and the nature of the business have changed a lot over the years. Karen Mair met up with two artisans who represent some of those changes. Potter Suzanne Scott has been raising the council's profile through social media. And woodworker Joe McAskill has expanded the family's woodworking business to include a craftstore showcasing a variety of crafts.

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Mainstreet on Map - Taylor Arsenault

TaylorArsenault3.jpgWe're going back to school for this edition of Mainstreet on the Map. Over 200 students from nearly 100 countries come together to share their lives at Lester B Pearson College in BC. They finish their high school education and have an extraordinary life experience at the same time. Taylor Arsenault is one of those students and we reached him for this edition of Mainstreet on the Map.

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Chas Guay - Promises CD

ChasGuay3.jpgIf you don't know Chas Guay you've probably seen him playing guitar on stage at the Charlottetown Festival or as part of a collective of friends that include Mike Mooney, Chris Corrigan, Sean Ferris and others. He also started the independant record store Back Alley.  A couple of years ago Music PEI recognized Chas as musician of the year. And with his past two CD's he's moved from the background in the band to the lead singer-songwriter. Chas Guay popped into the studio to talk about his new CD Promises.

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Alicia Bruce - Obama Campaign Volunteer

AliciaBruce3.jpgIf Islanders weren't up late connecting the dots on PNP names - they were probably taking part in that favorite sport of election watching. A 21 year old Island woman was in the thick of it for the past few days volunteering for the Obama campaign. Alicia Bruce is from South Lake and Karen Mair reached her via skype.

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A Night of Remembrance - Musical Tribute

ANightofRemembrance.jpgThe band Phase 2 along with musicians Kendall Docherty and Brian Knox have been working hard creating a show called A Night of Remembrance. They call it a musical tribute for those who have served and continue to serve. There are four shows beginning Thursday - and admission is free to veterans and service people. Kendall Docherty and Phase 2 band member Gerry Hickey gave us a list of the songs in the line-up and the concept behind the show.

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Clyde River Book - Vivien Beer

ClydeRiverBook3.jpgUsually when a scenic picture book is published - the photos are chosen by the photographer with the help of an editor. But in the case of the community Clyde River - the photographer consulted with those who had seen the area evolve over many years; the seniors in the community. The Book is called Landscape of Memories and Vivien Beer is the writer and photographer.

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U.S. Voter John Keaveny

ElectionJohnKeaveny3.jpgMillions of Americans are standing in long lines today as they wait to cast their ballot in the U.S. election. PEI summer resident John Keaveny, was one of the voters who opted for advacnce polls. He still waited for hours but says it was worth every minute. We reached John Keaveny at his home in Lake Worth, Florida.

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Early Years - Dr. Stuart Shanker

DrStuartShanker3.jpgLearning - as we know - starts from the earliest age and hopefully continues for as long as we're able. Recently the educators and caregivers involved in Smart Start PEI got some exposure to international experts sharing leading edge research and techniques. Dr. Stuart Shanker is a child development expert at York University. He talked with parents and educators about self-regulation.

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Doris Mason - Q-Line

DorisMason3.jpgSinger and pianist Doris Mason of Nova Scotia, shares her earliest musical memories, her insights on people, love, food, books and more, when she submitted to the Q-Line with Karen Mair.

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Spin Time - Sharon Labchuk

SharonLabchukSpinTime1.jpgOur SpinTime guest today is no stranger to Islanders. As an environmental activist she's raised awareness of some islanders and the ire of others. Sharon Labchuk is many things including a mother - a great gardener and cook and a trail blazing politician. Tonight the Green Party will celebrate her contributions as she steps down as leader of the party. But first to get her warmed up for that party - Sharon Labchuk joined Karen Mair as our DJ.

Here's links to her picks.
Astral Weeks - Van Morrison
Into the Wild - Jerry Hannan
Last Great American Whale - Lou Reed

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General John de Chastelain - Nichola Goddard

GeneralJohndeChastelain3.jpgIt's not every day a distinguished Canadian General pops into our station. But today General John de Chastelain did just that. He's on the Island to take part in the fourth annual fundraising dinner for The Nichola Goddard Foundation. The sold-out event tomorrow night raises money in memory of Goddard - the first Canadian female soldier killed in combat. General de Chastelain is now a retired Canadian soldier and diplomat who was twice appointed as Canada's Chief of the Defence Staff. From 1995 and Up until recently he was involved in the Northern Ireland peace process.

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Jamie MacSwain - Temporary Moon

JamieMacSwainTemporaryMoon.jpgJamie MacSwain has been involved with the PEI music scene for years. He is finally releasing his own CD at Fishbones tomorrow. His cdbaby listing defines it as "Ragged indie-singer-songwriter rock for dancing and moon gazing. 80s R.E.M and 90s Sloan meets Ron Sexsmith and the Ramones."

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Jean-Sébastien Morin - New Zealand Wines

Jean-SébastienMorin2.jpgWith so many people removing mustaches for Movember - it could make sipping wine a little less messy. Today our sommelier is adding to our travel miles as he begins a two-part tour of New Zealand. Jean-Sebastien morin is the wine category manager with the PEI Liquor Control Commission.

11806Z Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc $19.30
09531Z New Harbor Sauvignon Blanc $16.95
07474Z White Haven Pinot Noir $24.99
07437Z Oyster Bay Pinot Noir $24.99

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Movember - Justin Simard & Dr. Ed Hanson

MovemberJustinEd2.jpgBy this point in the day many men have shaved off mustaches and beards - and started growing them again. Yes it's Movember - an international campaign - initially about protate cancer. But just like the campaign - Movember has grown to include another important health concern and that's mental illness. Justin Simard is helping to co-ordinate the Charlottetown Movember campaign and Dr. Ed Hanson is a prostate cancer survivor and is a psychologist with PEI's Community and Correctional Services.

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Eerie Tale from 1852 - Boyde Beck

BoydeBeck2.jpgBoyde Beck tells us the eerie story about a crew of timber harvesters encountering something very strange in a forest near West Point in 1852. Boyde Beck, Mainstreet's Island Historian, warns those trick or treating near West Point.

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Horror Films - Dave Stewart

DaveStewart2.jpgThere is one way to get that scary feeling all year round... through watching movies and TV. Dave Stewart is an expert on horror films. In fact his blog is called bloody-terror. He's been featuring a different film on his facebook page every day this month. Karen Mair asked Dave Stewart to stop by.

Check Out Dave's Lists
Dave Stewart - Fraidy Cats.pdf
Dave Stewart - Halloween Family Viewing.pdf
Dave Stewart - Horror List Champs.pdf
Dave Stewart - TV Terror.pdf

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