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Coyote - Josh Carter and Bradford Rooney

Coyote2.jpgThe Band Coyote has alot going on these days. Not only did they record an EP - they've played some big festivals, and they've received funding from MusicPEI which helps with everything from performance to recording. And right now they're hoping to grow their audience with a tour that includes Charlottetown. Two members of Coyote stopped by the studio - Josh Carter and Bradford Rooney. For more on Coyote check them out on facebook twitter and CBC 3.

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Storm Girls in NYC - Jill, Elise & Karen

StormGirlsinNYC.jpgIt was supposed to be a fun girls getaway in New York City. But Jill Lantz, Elise Cleaver-Smith and Karen Ramsay... flew right into the storm of the century. We reached them at a little Irish Pub, on 7th Avenue, right off Times Square.

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Summerside Filmworks - Charmaine Comeau and Greg Weeks

SummersideFilmworks.jpgPeople who live in Summerside could soon be seeing award winning Canadian and International Films. Filmworks Summerside is a new group formed by movie lovers. Charmaine Comeau and Greg Weeks are two of the founders of Filmworks Summerside. "The Intouchables " will be shown on Nov 14th. For more information go to www.filmworkssummerside.ca

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Richard Raiswell - Renumeration... with a Catch

RichardRaiswell.jpgBefore too long the provincial legislature will be back in session. That's often the time when Islanders witness them at work - at least at Province House. Our political columnist thinks PEI's elected members deserve more money for the work they do. But there's a catch - here's Richard Raiswell.

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Relay For Life - Ben Cudmore & Gail MacDonald

BenCudmore540x930.jpgFriday night usually means kick back or party if you're a university student, but the UPEI community will doing something more altruistic. The 12 hour Relay For Life kicks off at 6 o'clock. You may already know about this thanks to a remarkable picture that's been circulating on FB and in the community. It's of a shaved Ben Cudmore along with his mother - who is also bald. Ben Cudmore is here in the studio - and also joining us is Gail MacDonald the relay for life co-ordinator.

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Chris Smith/Seventh Stone - Spin Time

ChrisSmithSeventhStoneST.jpgHe's been playing and teaching guitar for years - from Spanish style to rock. Chris Smith's band Seventh Stone has a new CD coming out and he'll be our Spin Time DJ today. Their CD launch is on November 2nd at Baba's Lounge.

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Tightrope

Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun

Stevie Wonder - Superstition

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Dutch Thompson - Stories From World War 2

DutchThompsonOct25.jpgWe've been running a series on Mainstreet featuring some of Dutch Thompson's favorite stories from the bygone days. In a couple of weeks we honour our veterans on Remembrance Day - today stories from 2nd WW Veteran George Wotton, a man well-known to many Islanders.

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Dreamboat Lucy - Hilary and Louanna Murphy

DreamboatLucy10.jpgPEI can feel a bit far from the scene of runways and models and the glitterati. But earlier this week a pair of sisters - originally from Kensington - had their full of the glamorous fashion life. Hilary and Louanna Murphy had the chance to compete in the Mercedes-Benz Start-Up National Final in Toronto at Fashion Week. They're just back from that experience and join me now.

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Mainstreet On The Map - Mike Murphy and Paul Smith

MikeMurphy.jpgIt's amazing where you bump into Islanders - we've been talking to Islanders on Mainstreet on the Map for about two years now - and we've reached them right across Canada and on almost every continent. Today we connect with a pair of Islanders on a pilgrimage. Mike Murphy and Paul Smith are travelling the Camino De Santiago in Spain. We reached Mike earlier by Skype.

(bottom Image - Googlemaps)

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Mendel Rosenbusch: Tales for Jewish Children - John Burden


Tomorrow night a unique book is being launched in Charlottetown. Mendel Rosenbusch: Tales for Jewish Children has had quite a life even before it's launch. The stories were originally written in 1929 in German by Ilse Weber who was gassed in Auschwitz in 1944. The book surfaced in 1998 in Santiago Chile and the people who found the book translated the stories into English. Enter Jim Munves who lives in Charlottetown and operates Bunim and Bannigan Publishers. He got Island artist John Burden to do the illustrations - and John stopped by to talk about the project.
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Liz MacKay - Small Changes Give Big Money

Liz Mackay Family.jpgWhat would you give up to live the life you want? Our fighting to be Frugal columnist Liz MacKay will be by to tell us how simple it could be! Can small changes give you big money? Liz MacKay will tell us how to make that happen.

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Haunted Farm - Judy Lowther

LowthersHauntedBarn2.jpgWhen Judy Lowther wanted to give back to the community seven years ago instead of a benefit concert or a raffle she thought she would try something a little different. She created "Lowther's Haunted Farm" Mainstreet visited a few years ago. Come along with us on a tour... If you dare!

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Jacob Richler - My Canada Includes Foie Gras

JacobRichler2.jpgRecently our colleagues at CBC Books arranged an interview with Jacob Richler about his new book. Richler is the food editor for Maclean's magazine - not to mention the son of Canadian literary giant Mordecai Richler. His new book is called My Canada Includes Foie Gras. But since it's release some comments by Richler have gone viral - especially in the culinary community on the East Coast. The Globe and Mail asked him why Atlantic Canada gets short shrift in the book and doesn't it have anything to offer to Canadian cuisine? Richler said we have lots to offer - we just haven't discovered it yet He also said the maritimes is a culinary sad sack - and crimes against seafood are particularly egregious. So here's my chat with Jacob Richler about his book and his opinion.

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Michael Burns - Spin Time

MichaelBurnzSpinTime.jpgMichael Burns picked up his first guitar in grade nine. He's a local musician and a guitar shredder at that. He is this weeks DJ and gives us some insight into his musical influences. He joined Karen in the studio.

Leaving Planet Earth - Tim Warren
Dream Warriors - Dokken
Let There Be Rock - AC/DC

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Guitar Shredding - Michael Burnz & Harold Hutchison

MichaelHaroldKaren.jpgThere's shredding and then there's shredding. This afternoon as people get documents and papers shredded outside the CBC - inside our studio we're going to have a different play on the word shred. Shredding is a form of guitar play - and we've reached out to some of PEI well known and up and coming shredders. They'll be strutting their stuff throughout the show. Michael Burnz and Harold Hutchison shredded in the studio with Karen Mair.

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Jean-Sébastien Morin - Return to Italy

Jean-SébastienMorin2.jpgLast time our Sommelier was here he introduced us to a few of the classic red wines from Italy. So when Jean-Sébastien Morin suggested we return to Italy - I didn't need convincing. JS is the wine category manager with the PEI Liquor Control Commission.

07395Z Umani Ronchi Montepulciano d'Abbruzzo (Abruzzo) $13.99

08610Z Farnese Primitivo (Puglia) $13.59

08612Z Stemmari Nero d'Avola (Sicilia) $13.30

07401Z Il Nostro Rosso del Salento (Puglia) $14.19

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Protest History - Dr. Ryan O'Connor

DrRyanOConnor.jpgWe've been examing some of the highlights in PEI's protest history over the last couple of days. In case you were thinking the actions of those opposed to Plan B are out of character for Islanders. Well no - we have a rich history of risinig up. Yesterday historian Ed MacDonald laid out the early land tenant riots in the 1830's stretching to the 1860's. Today another Island historian wades into the discussion. Dr. Ryan O'Connor is a postdoctoral fellow at Trent University but actually Ed MacDonald supervised his masters. He's an environmental historian and we reached him by phone.

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Protest History - Dr. Ed MacDonald

DrEdMacDonaldKarenMair.jpgThe fight against the realignment of the TransCanada Highway at Bonshaw moved up a notch today. The Islanders at the site have been joined by some members of the Warrior Society from Cape Breton. The notion of Islanders rising up against development and staking their claims to land isn't new. Over the next couple of days we'll speak with two historians to help us review this. Dr. Ed MacDonald is the author of If You're Stronghearted: Prince Edward Island in the 20th Century. He's an associate professor of history at UPEI.

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Boyde Beck - Isabel Expedition

IsabelExpedition4.jpgYou may have heard on our news today that the research around the doomed Franklin Expedition has renewed interest in PEI's early shipuilding history. Sir John Franklin's expedition to find a northwest passage disappeared in the Arctic Ocean in 1845. A few years later a ship built in St.Peters was sent to the Arctic on an expedition to find the lost Franklin expedition ships. Boyde Beck is Mainstreet's historian and an expert on PEI's shipbuilding history. You can see more on Isabel on our website cbc.ca/pei

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Steve Patterson Q-Line

StevePatterson.jpgSteve Patterson, host of CBC's "The Debaters" submits to the Q-Line with Karen Mair asking the tough questions. Did you know he might have been a lawyer... if he didn't become a full-time comic? What would he have as a last meal? What worries him? Who would he invite to dinner... living or dead? Patterson gives the Q-line a laugh and a half with his special brand of humour.

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Tom Connor - Sculptor

TomConnor2.jpgIf you've ever driven along Queen Elizabeth Drive not far from Victoria Park in Charlottetown you may have spotted some stone sculptures outside a home on the shore side. Those sculptures have moved inside for a bit. They're part of an exhibit at The Guild in Charlottetown. Tom Connor is showing about 20 pieces of his carving work in a wide variety of materials. He gave me a tour of Scuptor's Grasp.

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Bygone Days - Dutch Thompson

DutchThompsonoct122012.jpgToday we're cuttin', splitin', stackin' and burnin' firewood. We're off to the woods with Dutch Thompson for some tales of how they kept the home fires burning back in the bygone days.

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David Helwig - About Love 3 Stories By Chekhov

DavidHelwigBookKaren.jpgI learned about Seth the award winning cartoonist a few years ago when his book Bannock Beans and Black Tea was released. It was a graphic novel about his father's early life on PEI. I interviewed John Gallant and Seth at that time ... sadly John passed away recently. And of course David Helwig became a household name - the writer and poet was PEI's poet laureate. So I was amazed when a new book came across my desk - it's called About Love 3 Stories by Chekhov. It's translated by David Helwig and designed and decorated by Seth. David came into the studio and Seth joined us on the line.

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Learning Disabilities - Angie Demarco

AngieDemarcoKarenMair.jpgThe annual PEI teachers convention is two days of workshops and opportunities to learn about learning. The keynote speaker for the conference is back on PEI by popular demand. Many educators heard Angie Demarco speak at last year's National Conference on Learning Disabilities. So she's here to speak with teachers and also give two workshops for anyone interested in learning more. Angie Demarco is the education coordinator with the Learning Disabilities Association in Sudbury Ontario. She stopped by earlier.

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Richard Raiswell - Political Columnist

RichardRaiswell2.jpgRichard Raiswell, our political columnist touches on the unprecedented events in the Bonshaw Hills with RCMP arresting local folks, and With the national spotlight firmly fixed on PEI's abortion policy, how the Ghiz government needs an intelligent, considered strategy. Or will PEI to be savaged and ridiculed once again in the national media for its disregard for the Constitution?

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Two Hours Traffic - Siren Spell

TwoHoursTraffic4.jpgThe PEI band Two Hours Traffic has new music - a new sound and a new look and they were in the Mainstreet Studio to talk to Karen Mair. Liam Corcoran, Andy MacDonald, Nathan Gill and Derek Ellis are Two Hours Traffic. Their EP is called "Siren Spell" and it is on sale for $5 at Back Alley Music.

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Bad Habits - Good Thing CD Launch

BadHabits22.jpgIt's been a long "Wait". Two Bad habits did "soar" into the studio - Guitarist Dale McKie and Drummer Liam Kearney - to discuss the Six Good Reasons" they produced their debut CD. They took two years to write the 13 original tracks that make up "Good Thing".

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Donna Garner - Spin Time

SpinTimeDonnaGarner2.jpgA singer - an actor - even a big band leader... but never a D.J....until today. Donna Garner took some time to pick the tunes for this week's edition of Spin Time.

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Here and Away - Andrew MacCormack

AndrewMacCormackHereandAway.jpgMany people on PEI like to acknowledge that they're from here or that others are from away. And then there's what's known as the Rural-Urban divide. Andrew MacCormack grew up with these notions but also for a love for travel and capturing the world through a lens. He's a film maker these days working on National Film Board projects and for a company called Hemmings House Pictures. He tweeted me about his latest short film. It's called Here and Away. It was recently screened at the Atlantic Film Festival. I reached him between edits in Halifax.

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Mainstreet on the Map - Sarah Winiger

Sarah Winiger.jpgWe're getting out the Mainstreet map - and this time we're travelling to Europe to talk to an Islander who's heading home to PEI. This weekend the PEI Marathon will draw runners and walkers from all over the world. And Sarah Winiger is one of them - you may know her as Sarah Peters. Karen reached her at her work in Switzerland.

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Q-Line Valdy

He's bValdyDorisMason2.jpgeen travelling back and forth across the country for decades, and recently he was here holding nothing back. Valdy submits to the Mainstreet Q-Line with Karen Mair.

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Plan B protest - Gail Rhyno

PlanBtrees.jpgThe Plan B protest continues to evolve. Some people hold signs, some lay down in front of the heavy equipment, while others setup camps. Gail Rhyno is one of the protesters who was  setup in a stand of old hemlocks. That's where Karen reached her by phone.

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Spin Time - Deputy-Mayor of Cornwall Corey Frizzell

SpinTime222.jpgOur DJ today is a well-known ambassador of Cornwall. His passion for the town is palpable - but he's pretty passionate about some other subjects and he's worked that into his DJ assignment today. He's the deputy-mayor of Cornwall - The man with a man-cave bathroom... Corey Frizzell.

Fleetwood Mac - You Make Loving Fun

Ghost of Tom Joad - Bruce Springsteen

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Cornwall Cornfest & Facilities - Kim Meunier

When Angela and I have been cooking up this show - the theme of if you build it they will come - kept coming up. And the recreational facilities and programs in the town is a big part of that. The good people in the department have also made us right at home here at the Civic Centre. Joining me now is the Recreation Manager Kim Meunier.

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Alan Doyle - Solo CD "Boy On Bridge"

DoyleMacIsaacTedfordMair.jpgFrom the fishing village of Petty Harbour to the front man of Great Big Sea - producer and music catalyst Alan Doyle performed live in the Mainstreet Studio... along with Lisa MacIsaac and Corey Tedford.  Karen Mair took the opportunity to talk with him. Alan's first Solo CD is Boy On Bridge.

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Jean-Sébastien Morin - Sommelier

Jean-SébastienMorin4.jpgWe've been hearing about rumrunning all week - but we're shifting to a different drink now. Our sommelier has been taking us on little trips around the world. And we're heading to Italy today. Jean-Sébastien Morin is wine category manager for the PEI Liquor Commission and he joins me now. Certainly Italian is something many people turn to when you think of a classic red wine.

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Rocket Stoves - Ernie and Erica Wisner & Darcy Beck

RocketStove4W.jpgYou've heard of rocket man - how bout rocket stove? It's a technology that uses less wood and is apprently quite efficient. this weekend Islanders get a chance to learn more at a couple of events in Brookvale. Darcy Beck operates Island Forest Foods in Brookvale and Ernie and Erica Wisner have built over 700 rocket stoves worldwide.

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Boyde Beck - Prohibition in PEI

BoydeBeck2.jpgOur Island Historian Boyde Beck discusses how prohibition on PEI didn't just solve a problem, but turned ordinary people into criminals. In 1906, all three counties voted for prohibition and PEI became the first province to do so in Canada. Boyde also adds without prohibition we would have not have had rum-running, moonshine, nor the songs it inspired.

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Huntington Disease - Stephen Hurst & Dr. Ray Truant

DrRayTruant2.jpgOver the years Karen Mair has interviewed Stephen Hurst several times about how Huntington Disease or HD has affected his family. When they first met his wife was alive - she's since died of HD. Stephen has 2 daughters with HD and 2 with a 50-50 chance of inheriting the HD gene. It's a cruel disease affecting a number of families on PEI. Stephen is very hopeful about research - so I asked him to put me in touch with a researcher. Dr. Ray Truant leads a lab at Mcmaster University in Hamilton Ontario.

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Jan Zwiky


zwiky.jpgJan Zwicky is one of Canada's finest poets - she's also a philosopher - a physicist - and passionate about the environment. Oh and she's just become a novelist. Karen Mair spoke with her recently.


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Here's Jan reading from her Giller shortlisted collection of poems Forge.

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Heather Irving - Win Alan Doyle tickets

 Win A Prize Package with Alan Doyle Tickets


Send in your original rum-running/prohibition lyric. Alan Doyle will draw the winner Thursday Oct 4. The prize - a pair of tickets to the sold-out Alan Doyle concert thurs evening at The Trailside Cafe in Mount Stewart plus $100 to spend while there plus a signed copy of Heather Irving's book, Andy.

Heather Irving got this all started when she realized she couldn't come home to PEI from Conneticut for the concert. She spoke with Karen Mair about the book and the prize.


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Fighting to be Frugal - Kids & Finances



LizMacKay.jpgDo you want your kids to grow up financially responsible? Well, it doesn't happen by accident. Our Fighting to be Frugal gal Liz MacKay dropped in to tell Karen Mair how to acheive it.


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Spin Time - Bob Blumer


bloomer 005.jpgHe's a Culinary Advenurer - a Guinness World Record Holder a Glutton for Punishment ...but Food Network host Bob Blumer has never been a DJ. He got his chance on Mainstreet with Karen Mair.


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bloomer 002.jpg