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Dutch Thompson - Bygone Days (Keith Mutch)

DutchThompsonSept27.jpgDutch Thompson is here with stories from the bygone days. Two weeks ago we started a new series featuring his favorite stories, and today we're going to hear from just one person - Keith Mutch whom he's known since he was a teenager. Keith is now 90 years old, who's a fountain of information with an incredible memory.

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Saeed in Rumi Concert

Saeed in Rumi Concert2.jpgAn evening of peotry, music and Sufi Dance will be performed this Saturday at UPEI. The music and the story behind the concert are both fascinating. It brings together the work of the ancient poet Rumi, music composed by a Persian-celtic musician based in Halifax. And the Grammy award-winning cellist Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Ensemble. We invited the organizer of the concert, Saeed, into our studio.

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Mainstreet on the Map - Nicollette Stanley

NicolletteStanley2.jpgTime to head out on our Wednesday travels. Today we're going west young woman. Our Mainstreet on the Map guest grew up listening to CBC on PEI. She's also a former "Dixon Roader". We reached Nicollette Stanley in Alberta.

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Charlie A'Court - Triumph and Disaster CD

CharlieACourt2.jpgAward winning singer songwriter guitarist Charlie A'Court is coming back to PEI this weekend. The Nova Scotia artist grew up on blues but his years of playing - and refining across Canada and around the world have resulted in a diverse musical repertoire which you can hear on his new CD. Triumph and Disaster features 13 brand new songs and a line-up of co-writers including Ron Hynes, Kim Wempe and Chris Kirby. Charlie is releasing that CD at the Guild on Saturday night. Karen caught up with him by phone in Halifax.

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Don't leave Us Hanging - The Guild/Art Show

DLUH2.jpgKim Jabbour, Heather Reid and Tanya Sheridan have hung out a shingle at The Guild saying "Don't Leave Us Hanging". They're talking about their art. This is the first art show for them and Karen Mair dropped into the Guild to see their acrylics. The exhibition is at the guild until September 29th.

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Climate Change and Tourism - Dan Scott

ClimateChange2.jpgDan Scott, Canada Research Chair in Global Change and Tourism, and chair of the joint World Meteorological Organization-World Tourism Organization Expert Team on Climate and Tourism, will deliver a talk entitled "Climate Change and Tourism: Opportunities for PEI". Future climate change presents opportunities and challenges for PEI - golfing, skiing, snowmobiling, park visitations and nature-based tourism. This lecture explores the opportunities for PEI tourism under future potential changes in temperature and precipitation. Scott will use examples from his research in Ontario, Quebec, the USA and around the world.

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Richard Raiswell - Longterm Health Problems?

RichardRaiswell2.jpgThere are alot of foodie activities at this time of year on PEI. People lined up in droves for grilled cheese yesterday at one of the Fall Flavours events. And There are a growing number of campaigns to promote various sectors in the food industry - from Burgerlove to the PEI Oyster Society. Today our political columnist Richard Raiswell looks at whether these short term campaigns have a impact on a longterm health problem.

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Sam Sniderman - The Late "Sam the Record Man"

SamKarenWade.jpgMany people are mourning the loss of Sam Sniderman today. Many Islanders new Sam. He loved it here - and he and his late wife Janet Mays made deep roots here. Here's a clip from a chat Karen Mair had with Sam back in 1995. She also spoke with one of his good friends, former president of UPEI Wade MacLaughlan.

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Brooks Roche & Beth Cummings - Molly Appeal

BrookMollyAppeal2.jpgWe all now how important fundraising is to our health care system. Whether it's supporting local hospitals, walks and runs helping people with specific diseases or money for research. In the Maritimes right now there's a focus on medical research at Dalhousie Medical School called the Molly Appeal. Joining me now are two people who have seen the results of the Molly Appeal. Brooks Roche is a 15 year old athlete living in Montague Dr. Beth Cummings is his specialist at the IWK Health Centre and she joins us on the line.

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Spintime - Sam Carter

SamCarter2.jpgThe East London-based Songsmith Sam Carter was our Spin Time Deejay. Sam won Best Newcomer at the BBC Folk Awards in 2010 and is a former Emerging Artist in Residence at the Southbank Centre. He has 3 albums to date - Here In The Ground EP (2008), Keepsakes (2009) and The No Testament (2012).

Tim's Spin Time Picks.... Tim Ericson - O Death,
Nic Jones - Billy Don't You Weep For Me,
Richard Hawley - Dark Road

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Jared Connaughton & Teddy Katz

TeddyKatzJaredConnaughton.jpgThousands of people cheered the members of Canada's Olympic and Paralympic teams in downtown Toronto.  The parade celebrated their successes at the 2012 London Games. Teddy Katz, CBC's National Sports Reporter was at the gathering and talked with Jared Connaughton about 4x100 relay and the cost of winning more metals.

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Catherine MacLellan & Sam Carter - Showcase PEI

MusicPEIKarenCatSam.jpgMusic PEI's Showcase PEI conference brings together buyers and industry professionals from the international music community to enjoy performances by Prince Edward Island's top exporting and export ready artists. Artist Exchange Program as part of Showcase PEI. Catherine MacLellan from PEI and Sam Carter from England will be participating in a collaborative partnership between Music PEI and the English Folk Dance and Song Society presenting the Maritimes to England Tour. Sam won Best Newcomer at the BBC Folk Awards in 2010 and is a former Emerging Artist in Residence at the Southbank Centre. His new album The No Testament was released on August 20.

Sommelier - Jean-Sebastien Morin

Jean-SebastianMorinStudio.jpgThis week, Sommelier Jean-Sebastien Morin tells us about the impressive National Sommeliers he was in Halifax judging, and he shares his own expertise on local award-winning wines.

Rossignol L'Acadie Blanc

Matos Gamay Noir

Cabernet Sauvignon - Newman New Red

Golden Drop Mead

Rossignol Strawberry-Rhubarb

Tim Chaisson - The Other Side

TimChaisson2.jpgTim Chaisson along with Koady Chaisson dropped into the Mainstreet studio and played one of the songs from his new CD 'The Other Side' which will be released next week. Tim and his band are hitting the road for a cross country tour to go along with this CD. Karen Mair grabbed a few minutes with him before he hit the road.

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Boyde Beck - The Malpeque Oyster

BoydeBeck2.jpgCan you Imagine a world without Malpeque oysters? This past weekend thousands of people from around the world celebrated PEI's Shellfish. Shuckers from all over were here, Buyers and restauranteurs - and lots of regular fans who love the salty briny taste of shellfish. The Malpeque Oyster is a PEI brand known everywhere - but it wasn't always so. Boyde Beck explains.

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Small Lies, Big Lies - Stacey MacKinnon

StaceyMacKinnon.jpgIt's truthtime on Mainstreet. Have you ever told a little lie - or got caught in a big-multilayered one? Today our relationships columnist Stacey MacKinnon stopped by to talk about lying - and our propensity to, well, lie.


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Michelle Bouey - Over the Rainbow

OverTheRainbow2.jpgAn Island actress is taking a journey on the yellow brick road for her chance at a big time role. Michelle Bouey is one of the competitors in CBC's reality TV show "Over the Rainbow." She's competing to play Dorothy in the Canadian production of Andrew Lloyd Weber's "The Wizard of Oz." CBC's Sara Fraser spoke with Michelle about the experience. Sara Fraser also spoke with Michelle's dad and one of her good friends.

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Spin Time - Chef Michael Smith

ChefMichaelSmithKarenMair.jpgChef Michael Smith is this week's guest DJ on Spintime. From classic rock to the new urban beats, music is a big part of his life... and cooking. Here's his picks.

Led Zeppelin - Rock and Roll

LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem

Chastity - Happy in this Oblivion

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John Connelly - Terry Fox Musical

TerryFoxRunCBC2.jpgPeople of all ages all around the world take part in walks and runs in memory of Terry Fox and to raise money for cancer research. One of the co-ordinators of the Terry Fox Run in Charlottetown has an intimate knowledge of the Terry Fox story. Musician/playwrite John Connolly is collaborating with a group of people on a Terry Fox Musical.

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Dutch Thompson - Favorite Stories

Dutch222.jpgFor the past 25 years Dutch Thompson has been collection stories from across Prince Edward Island. We call his segment "The Bygone Days" and today he's brought in some of his favorite stories.

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Sadie Calhoun - Wade Lynch and Diane Barnes

WadeKarenDiane.jpgAnne of green gables the musical has beeen the anchor Canadian musical at the Charlottetown Festival for almost half a century. In recent years she's shared the spotlight with Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash and Hairspray - Not exactly Canadian material. Now the Confederation Centre of the Arts is workshopping a new musical. Diane Barnes is the Centre's Playwright-in-Residence - she's created the musical "Sadie Calhoun". Wade Lynch is the associate artistic director at the Confed centre. They dropped by the studio.

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Brady Cudmore - Mainstreet on the Map

BradyCudmore22.jpgIslander, Brady Cudmore is working in New York City as a singer and actor. Karen Mair caught up with the talented artist by phone in this week's mainstreet on the Map.

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Ellyn Lyle - Of Books, Barns & Boardrooms

EllynLyle2.jpgSchools are settling in for another year. It's a time when teachers are establishing how their classrooms work and a time when those relationships between educator and learner are just getting established. After Ellyn Lyle earned her Masters of Education at UPEI she took on a P.H.D. She graduated in the spring and poured her thesis learnings into a book. Ellyn is from Malpeque and her book is proof you can't take the farm out of the girl. I asked her to tell me about her book titled "Of Books, Barns and Boardrooms".

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StayGolden Apparel - Handrahan, Kahn & MacGregor

StayGolden22.jpgFor three young men from Charlottetown the hope is you'll want their t-shirts and other clothing from their company. You may have seen StayGolden Apparel around the Island or the internet. The three guys behind this young company are pretty young themselves. 2 are in high school and one just started college. Karen Mair was joined in the studio by Colton Handrahan, Alex Kahn and Devin MacGregor.

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Richard Raiswell - Political Columnist

RichardRaiswell2.jpgOur political columnist took a break for the summer - but many of the issues he's been following didn't. Dr. Richard Raiswell will be joining us every other Monday. He teaches in UPEI's history department. And for the sake of transparency - he is a member of the Green Party but has never worked for any political party. Here's Richard.  And if you have any thoughts on what he said please call, email or send a message through facebook or twitter.

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World Suicide Prevention Day - Pat Doyle

PatDoyle2.jpgOn this, World Suicide Prevention Day, many of us will know someone who attempted or committed suicide. Those who work in suicide prevention around the globe are focusing this year on strengthening protective factors and instilling hope. To find out what is happening on PEI Karen Mair spoke with Canadian Mental Health Association's Suicide Prevention Coordinator Pat Doyle.

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Susur Lee - Fall Flavours Events

SusurLeeKarenMair.jpgThe rain yesterday didn't stop Fall Flavours events from taking place. One Event that chefs and foodies were very excited about was hosted by Chef Susur Lee. The singapore born Canadian Chef is known around the world from his tv appearances, charity work, but mostly his restuarants - two in Toronto one in Washington, one in Singapore and one about to open in Chicago. Karen met Chef Susur Lee this morning while he ate a breakfast of porridge and fruit and asked him after his visit here if he'd like to open a restaurant on PEI.

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Chef Anna Olson - Picnic In The Park

AnnaOlson2.jpgShe'll be baking up a huge batch of cupcakes tomorrow at Prince Edward Island's Fall Flavours Festival event - Picnic in the Park in Cavendish Grove. Food Network Chef Anna Olson talks about our fascination with cupcakes and shares her expertise.

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Spin Time - Peter Tiefenbach

Concert pianist, music teacher, radio host and a featured performer at the Indian River festival, Peter Tiefenbach will be this week's guest DJ on Spintime. Spintime DJ Peter Tiefenbach. Peter is playing there as one half of the Four Hands-88 Keys show along with Robert Kortgaard the festival's artistic director.

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Miss Caledonia - Johnson & Nelles-McGee

MissCaledonia2.jpgFarms, fantasies, young girls, and dreams of fame and fortune. We'll hear about a play that features all of the above and has more than just a little in common with life here on PEI. Melody Johnson plays the character Peggy Ann Douglas from her one woman show Miss Caledonia. The Caledonia, in this case, is in Ontario - but the play is on right now at the Victoria Playhouse on PEI. Melody Johnson plays the cast members and is accompanied by Taylor Nelles-McGee on fiddle. They dropped by our studio. It's on at the Victoria Playhouse until September 16th.

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Martin Sexton - Busker to Renowned Artist

MartinSexton2.jpgMartin Sexton is from Massachsetts and picked up his first guitar at the age of 14. Now there's hardly a stage he hasn't played. His music blends soul, gospel, country, rock, blues, and R&B. He is known for his wide vocal range and ability to improvise. He is also known for beatboxing. Martin Sexton joined Karen by phone.

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English Words - Red Potion

EnglishWords2.jpgEnglish Words, formerly Smothered In Hugs are set to release a new CD. The debut album, Red Potion, is a 33 minute collage of new wave, 80′s alternative, 70′s synth mixed with some Britpop. They joined CBC's Karen Mair in the studio.

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Boyde Beck - Shipping Magnate Sir Samuel Cunard

BoydeBeck2.jpgBoyde Beck talks about how Islanders love to claim the famous people - where there's a connection. That includes shipping magnate Sir Samuel Cunard and some of the world's most famous liners including the New Queen Victoria.

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The P.E.I. Beer Festival - Campbell Webster

CampbellWebster2.jpgTankards Away! The P.E.I. Beer Festival kicks off tomorrow night in Charlottetown. Karen Mair talks to Campbell Webster, one of the organizers of the event. Beer lovers on the Island will have a chance to sample suds from "all over" Thursday and Friday at the Delta Hotel in Charlottetown at the 2nd annual PEI Beer Festival.

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Macbeth - Catherine MacDonald & Richard Haines

Macbeth2.jpgCotton Park in Stratford will be transformed to Inverness and Loch Ness when the ACT production of Macbeth takes over. We spoke with teachers, Catherine MacDonald and Richard Haines, about the travelling tragedy. They and about 30 others will be interpreting the Shakespearean tragedy beginning this week. They've been rehearsing for months. The production honours the Stratfords of the World reunion.

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Beat Down - Director/Co-writer Deanne Foley

BeatDown2.jpgA new movie shot in Newfoundland takes a comedic look at the Rock'em Sock'em world of women's professional wrestling. And an actress with PEI roots has a big role in it. We'll hear about the wrestling comedy "Beat Down" starring Marthe Bernard. Beat Down was shot in St. John's, Newfoundland where I reached director and co-writer Deanne Foley. The movie opens in Atlantic Canada this weekend.

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Spin Time - Tess Benger

TessBenger3.jpgNo pigtails, red freckles or ice cream on SpinTime today - but we do have Anne of Green Gables picking the tunes. Tess Benger, the star of the Charlottetown festival musical, is our Spin Time DJ.  Here are links to her Spin Time picks.

Paul McCartney - Oh! Darling

Stars - Dead Hearts

Joni Mitchell - A Case Of You

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