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CN Think Golf - Bruce Rainnie

ThinkGolf.jpgHere's CN's Think Golf...a special summer series focussing on tips or upping your game on the green.

For the rest of the summer, the CBC's Bruce Rainnie will chat with leading golfers and other experts about all things golf.

Everything from how to diagnose shots gone bad, what to eat before a game and which clubs should be in your bag. Here's a link to the episodes.


Spin Time - Marlane O'Brien

MarlaneOBrienStage.jpgIt's been almost 20 years since actor Marlane O'Brien first hit the Charlottetown festival stage in a Closer Walk with Patsy Cline. This season she's taken on the iconic role of Marilla Cuthbert. We've cast her in the role of SpinTime DJ.

Cut #1 - As Long As He Needs Me - Oliver

Cut #2 - Come By The Hills - Loreena McKennitt

Cut #3 - Seize the Day - Gordon Belsher

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Cystic Fibrosis - Melvin Jay & Ken Chan

CysticFibrosisBabyScreening.jpgMelvin Jay is with the PEI branch of cystic fibrosis. The organization is urging Quebec and the Atlantic provinces to screen newborns for the disease. CF Canada says the testing is standard in the rest of Canada, across the US and many countries around the world. Ken Chan raised the issue with premiers at the meeting of the council of the federation in Halifax. He's the vice-president Advocacy Research and healthcare at Cystic Fibrosis Canada. And we reached him earlier.

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Jean-Sebastien Morin - French wine

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Jean-SebastianMorinStudio.jpg

It's a country famous for its wines - but France has lots of competition these days in the global winemarket. Sommelier Jean Sebastien Morin tells Karen Mair how it's drawing new fans.

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- 09487Z Château du Seuil Blanc (Bordeaux/France)
- 09487Z Bourgogne Chardonnay ''Les Ursulines'' (Burgundy/France)
- 07456Z Côtes du Rhône Camille Cayran ''Pas de la Baume" (Rhone Valley/France)
- 07452Z Pierre André Mâcon Rouge (Burgundy/France)

Art in the Open - Charlottetown

ArtInThePark.jpgArt in the Open's organizers disclosed the festival's final details at Charlottetown City Hall today. The meeting kicked off with celtic dancing - one of twenty-seven performances and art installations taking place in August. Our Patrick Faller was there. He met up with Becka Viau - a coordinator with Art in the Open.

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Boyde Beck - Civil War Captain McCloud

Boyde Beck.jpgLots of Americans visit PEI in the summer and, in fact, have migrated to this country on a full time basis. And today our historian is telling us about an Islander who had a colourful path in life - including fighting during the American Civil War.  Boyde Beck is Mainstreet's historian and he joins us every other Wednesday on the show.

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Murray McLauchlan - Q-Line

We'll revisit another rainy day back in October of last year, and a somewhat "personal" conversation with Murray McLauchlan. When we reached Murray McLauchlan he was in a van parked on the side of highway 104 in Nova Scotia. Murray was on his way to Summerside to play a concert that evening and he took the time to answer our Mainstreet Q-Line questions.

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Klezmer Concert - Mark Simons

Mark Simons will be the featured performer on clarinet along with Blue Engine String Quartet tonight in a concert of Klezmer music at the Indian River Festival in St Mary's Church. Led by Anne Simons and her brother - these Montreal based musicians will perform a fiery and passionate mix of klezmer music. We reached Mark Simons while the musicians were on a rehearsal break earlier today.

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Hugh MacDonald - Poetry Workshops

Poetry - WvA.jpgPEI is a province of poets. That's what UPEI English professor Richard Lemm was telling us just a couple weeks ago. Well here's something to make PEI a province of even better poets. A series of workshops and readings starts this Wednesday in Charlottetown, them moves on to Summerside and Montague in the following days. It's featuring four very successful poets from across Canada, including John B. Lee, Susan McMaster, Marilyn Gear Pilling and Marty Gervais... and one more, PEI's own Poet Laureate Hugh MacDonald, who helped organize the events. He joined us today in the Mainstreet studio.

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Spin Time - Gary Schneider

When you think about forests on PEI and the people who work hard who try to maintain our natural landscape and promote good stewardship of our woodlands, there's one name that immediately comes to mind. Gary Schneider is the guiding force behind the Macphail Woods Ecological Forestry Project where for more than 20 years now they've devoted themselves to promoting awareness and understanding of PEI's woodlands and the environment.  But there's something else that Gary's Schneider is deeply passionate about besides nature. Gary's also passionate about music and he joins us today as our Spin Time Deejay host.

Cut 1 - Darrell Scott - The Open Door/CROOKED ROAD
Cut 2 - Kate Poole - The Fear Song
Cut 3 - LITTLE WING (Jimi Hendrix) - May Moore & Lester Quitzau

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Jared Connaughton - Island Sprinter

JaredConnaughton.jpgA big race today on a big day for Jared Connaughton. It's the last race before he hits the track in London and it just happens to be his 27th birthday. The Island sprinter and his team mates took 3rd place in the four by one hundred metre relay at the Diamond League track meet in Monaco.  But it's still not clear if he'll run the relay in London. Today his family was cheering him on from here on Island. Linda Ward sat down with Jared's mother, Susan, as she watched the race.

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Dutch Thompson - Accents Quiz

Dutch Thompson takes Producer Eva O'Hanley and Host Kerry Campbell to task - identifying accents from throughout the region. Can you do better? Listen and play along. Your choices... New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, or Prince, Queens or Prince county on PEI? You can hear more of Dutch's interview by going to islandvoices.ca

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Chris Cannon - Male Exotic Dancer

ChrisCannon.jpgThey've got a sort of triple-bill going on at the Brackley Drive-In this Sunday night, and the middle feature is raising a few eyebrows. Sandwiched between the new Batman movie and Magic Mike, which is a movie about a male exotic dancer, is an appearance by the man who is, as far as we can tell, the only working male exotic dancer on PEI. Chris Cannon dropped by our Mainstreet studios and gave us the naked truth... without actually removing any clothes.

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Mary Katherine - Red Shores and Pirate Anchors

Mary KatherinePirate.jpgMary Katherine, or MKR Mossey is the author of Red Shores and Pirate Anchors. Her story about PEI pirates is being published serially this summer in the Charlottetown Guardian and Summerside Journal-Pioneer.

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Emilie Novaczek - Mainstreet on the Map

EmilieNovaczek.jpgThe Columbian island of San Andreas is a UNESCO world heritage site. Its waters home to the most breathtaking and diverse assortment of marine life in the entire Caribbean sea. Islander Emilie Novaczek is there, starting a six-month internship to discover how tourism traffic is affecting the marine habitat. She'll be our guest today for Mainstreet on the Map.

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Mainstreet Mascot Summit

Mascots1.jpgThey don the masks, the body suits, the giant padded feet, all for your edification and amusement. But who are they, and did you ever go to the person behind the mask and say, Hey Guy who plays the Googlewonk, thanks for making my kid's birthday party extra-special. Today we have the unsung heroes, the people behind the masks, it's time to give them some recognition and facetime. Here's the video of the Mascot Summit in the studio.

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Liz Mackay - Frugal Cars

LizMacKay.jpgSo you've decided it's time for a new set of wheels, but you want to upgrade as affordably as possible. Our Fighting to be Frugal columnist Liz Mackay is someone you want to hear from, she joined Kerry Campbell in the studio.

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Owen Laukkanen - Q Line

OwenLaukkanen2.jpgKaren Mair recently had fisherman, poker journalist and author Owen Laukkanen in to our studio for the mainstreet Q Line.

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Stacey MacKinnon - The Double-date

StaceyMacKinnonStudio.jpgMaking the most out of your time with your significant other might actually mean - spending time with others? Kerry Campbell finds out from Stacey MacKinnon, our relationship columnist, about just how beneficial the double-date might be to healthy relationships.

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Woodleigh Replica's - Tim Archer

WoodleighReplicas.jpgIt's been four years since Woodleigh Replica's shut down. The park is a curiousity which many Islanders today still hold dear. It features dozens of miniature replicas of buildings from the UK, including the Tower of London and St. Paul's Cathedral. It was lovingly constructed by
a veteran of world war one, Ernest Johnstone, and his son Archibald, a veteran of World War Two. There's a renewed interest in the property these days. A country and western singer formerly from Ontario has purchased part of the property and some of the replicas, and started fixing them up. Tim Archer hopes to be able to re-open the park next year. We reached him at his new home in Burlington PEI.

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Richard Lemm - Riptides New Island Fiction

RiptideBook.jpgRiptides is the title of a new book. It's a collection of short stories by twenty-three PEI writers, or writers with PEI connections. It's being launched this week by Acorn Press. Kerry Campbell talked to UPEI Professor Richard Lemm who was tasked with selecting and editing these stories.

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Spin Time - Ben Kunder

BenKunder1.jpgFirst, you saw him as Richie Valens. Then you saw him do his best Johnny Cash. Today on Spin Time, musical performer Ben Kunder tells us about his musical influences, neither Valens nor Cash, although Ben seems to have a healthy respect for the people he's portrayed on the stage of the Confederation Centre here in Charlottetown.

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Why do mosquitoes bite me and not You?

mosquitoeCBC.jpgWhy do mosquitoes make a meal out of you... but not your friend? Our science columnist explains why the these pests follow their nose to some people over others.

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Oak Acres Children's Camp

There's one small but important feature of the Oak Acres Children's Camp in Murray River that differentiates it from other kids camps across PEI, and anywhere for that matter. Kids and their families don't have to pay to go to Oak Acres. The camp is sponsored by a number of corporations, notably DP Murphy Inc. More than 500 kids will attend this year.    Earlier today I visited the camp.
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Sommelier - Jean-Sebastian Morin

Jean-SebastianMorinStudio.jpgIt's a scorcher outside, a genuine corker and then some, you're on the patio waiting for your friends, the sweat is starting to bead up on your forehead. There's a wine for that. And our wine guy, Jean-Sebastian Morin, knows what it is. Discover some wine suggestions for summer patio sipping on today's show.

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Summer Camps - Camp Seggie

Cabin 11.JPGThe kids at Camp Seggie are raving about the Mac and Cheese, the Wibbit, they even think the earwigs are pretty cool. It's all part of the camp experience. We continue our series on Summer Camp on today's show.

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Boyde Beck - Henry Ford's Fiddle

Boyde Beck.jpgHistorian Boyde Beck joined host Kerry Campbell to talk about Henry Ford's interest in old-time fiddle music and how that led to a championship title for a fiddler from PEI.

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Matt Bowness - Emmy Awards Jewellry

A Charlottetown jewellry maker is trying to get to the Emmys. Matt Bowness hopes to get Hollywood stars trying out his creations. But there is a catch. The creator of the Overman jewelery line will tell us about that on the show today.

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Summer Camps

All this week on Mainstreet we'll be visiting various summer camps to find out how the kids are doing, if they think it's fun... if they miss Mom and Dad. No one was homesick today when Kerry Campbell stopped by the Extreme Sports day camp, one of a number of camps being put on by UPEI.

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Spin Time - Tom Allen

Tom Allen.jpgThe host of Shift on CBC Radio 2 is on the Island this weekend for the Indian River Festival. Tom Allen is not only a broadcaster - he's an accomplished musician author and storyteller - and he shared some of those stories and some of his favorite music on SpinTime.

(Due to copyrights we could not include the music)

Tom's picks...


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Colleen McKie - Fierce Ink Press

Colleen McKie.jpgImagine announcing your new company and having it recognized with an entreprenuerial award on the same day. That's what happened to Colleen McKie a few weeks ago. She's one of the partners in a new Atlantic based publishing company called Fierce Ink Press. Colleen lives in Hunter River and her business partner is based in Halifax. And although they're entreprenuers with a new company - they've got lots of experience. Colleen McKie stopped by the mainstreet studios.

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Dutch Thomson - Jobs In The Bygone Days

Dutch4w.jpgDutch Thompson is back with new voices from his audio archives. Today stories about jobs back in the bygone days - we're going to work a telephone switchboard, make fertilizer out of crabs, and head to Murray Harbour on the train.

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Shane Howard - Musician

ShaneHowardCD.jpgHe is the writer behind Australia's rock anthem for Aboriginal rights.  Shane Howard is on PEI for a performance tonight - he dropped by to say gday.

Due to copyrights we could not include the music. Here's a link to a Youtube version of Shane Howard - Solid Rock

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Olivia Ruth MacLeod - Tribute

Olivia Ruth MacLeod.jpgKaren Mair pays tribute to Olivia Ruth MacLeod who passed away Thursday, June 28, 2012, formerly of Montague, age 19 years. Daughter of Kerri Wynne MacLeod (Dave) and Paul MacLeod (Suzanne).

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An Acadian Experience in Cavendish

AcadianExpereince.jpgWhat happens when you take three friends with a passion for food and music and Acadian culture? Three friends who happen to include 2 chefs; a musician and an events planner. Well it's called an Acadian Frolic. Chef JD Runnels Chef Robert Pendergast and Lucie Lamoureux-Newson get to turn the Galley restaurant into an Acadian kitchen party. People are seated at long tables and while they're served Acadian dishes - and they're also entertained by Robert and a cast of friends and family. Here's a bit of what it sounded like.

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Paige Matthie - Mainstreet on the Map

Paige Matthie 1.jpgLots of people travel at this time of year - and here on Mainstreet we travel year yound - thanks to our listeners and our series Mainstreet on the Map. Our columnist Richard Raiswell told us about Paige Matthie who studied at UPEI and is now working in Edinburgh Scotland. We reached her earlier via Skype.

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Linden MacIntyre - Q-Line

Linden MacIntyre.jpgFrom 1964 to 1976, Linden MacIntyre worked as print reporter in Halifax, Ottawa and Cape Breton; he joined CBC in 1976 and since 1990, He's been a co-host with the Fifth Estate. Besides winning nine Gemini Awards, including three Gordon Sinclair Awards (best overall broadcast journalist, he's also an Author. His second novel, The Bishop's Man, won the 2009 Scotiabank Giller Prize. He has also published a memoir, in 2006, Causeway: A Passage From Innocence. He joined Karen Mair on the Q-Line.

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Sharlene MacLean - Victoria Playhouse

Sharlene MacLean.jpgSharlene MacLean was first on stage at the Charlottetown Festival playing Gyrtie Pie opposite Gracie Finlay's Anne and Glena Landry's Diana. These days Sharlene lives in Ireland but she's back home on the Island performing at the Victoria Playhouse. She stopped by Mainstreet to talk about her role of Ethel Thayer in the classic production "On Golden Pond".

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