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Nova Scotia's best beaches

Thumbnail image for Macleod's campsite beach.jpgAfter Nova Scotia was shut out of a top ten list of Canadian beaches in the Globe & Mail, we asked our listeners to help us identify Nova Scotia's best beaches. They came up with a list dominated by provincial parks, but we also heard about a few places you might not be familiar with. If you're planning a roadtrip or two this summer, here are some possible additions to your itinerary. Don't forget your sunblock. And maybe a wetsuit!




Clam Harbour Beach Provincial Park on the eastern shore

Martinique Beach Provincial Park on the eastern shore

Crystal Crescent Beach Provincial Park south of Halifax in Sambro

Queensland Beach Provincial Park west of Halifax, just before Hubbards

Mavillette Beach Provincial Park on the French shore near Yarmouth

Melmerby Beach Provincial Park on the Northumberland shore

Pomquet Beach Provincial Park on the Northumberland shore

Point Michaud Beach Provincial Park in Richmond County, Cape Breton

West Mabou Beach Provincial Park in Inverness County, Cape Breton




Carters Beach in Queens County in Port Mouton on the south shore

Crescent Beach in Lockeport on the south shore

Hirtle's Beach in the District of Lunenburg on the south shore

MacLeod's Beach (pictured above) near Inverness, Cape Breton

Cabots Landing Provincial Park is a place to start exploring the beaches at Aspy Bay, on the northern tip of Cape Breton