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S.S. Khandalla unveils new tracks

Posted by Zahra Sethna

Resize 7.JPGLast month, School of Rock champs S.S. Khandalla spent a weekend collecting their prize.

Ryan Langdon, Justin Tousignan, Evan Stoney and Danaan Pederson won a chance to record two songs in CBC's Studio H with ECMA-winning producer Karl Falkenham.

We've got the long-awaited premiere of those tracks, 'Sleep' and 'Ruffio'.


Stephanie chatted with Ryan Langdon and producer Karl Falkenham about how recording in the CBC studio was different from recording in a basement.

"We had no idea what to expect going into a studio that nice," Ryan said. "The electrician who did Studio H probably did a better job. We get shocked by our gear pretty often."


Watch the band in an audio slideshow, featuring their song 'Sleep'.

S.S. Khandalla was one of three bands that made it to the finale of the inaugural School of Rock contest.

All three bands performed for our judges and a live studio audience.

The members of Jailyn Cry, from Antigonish, are students at Dr. John Hugh Gillis Regional High.

The Trips, from Mahone Bay, were first runners up in the contest.

Listeners reimagine the Washmill underpass

Posted by Zahra Sethna

WASHMILL PROPOSAL-ERIC STOTTS-2.jpgWe asked listeners for their ideas on how the Washmill underpass could be transformed into something iconic and cutting edge. See our proposal for a Hot Wheels-style loop.

Eric Stott wrote:

Dear Mainstreet,

I was delighted to hear your "modest proposal" for the Washmill Underpass on today's Mainstreet... The investment on infrastructure in modern society is enormous, and much of the infrastructure we depend on is desperately in need of repair or replacement.

Increasingly we will need to be creative not only with how we imagine, prioritize design and build new infrastructure, but how we repurpose, reprogram and reimagine the infrastructure which already exists all around us...

I spent an hour or so this past winter walking around the Washmill site and photographing it. I was struck by what an amazing space it is. What could occur here?

When I was a child in Peoria, Illinois, there was a Drive-In Theatre in a field through the woods behind my house. We would ride our bikes to the back fence in the summer time and watch movies. It was an amazing experience.

What if one were to take advantage of Washmill Underpass's adjacency to the Empire Theatres, its accessibility to established bus routes, a bike/walking trail system and ample parking on adjacent lots, and were to establish an open air cinema / live music venue / performance space? It could be used for film screenings (perhaps an additional venue for the Atlantic Film Festival) and live local music festivals to name just a few possibilities.

Mr. Muskrat wrote:

Absolutely brilliant! I have just one suggestion. It was pointed out that drivers would need to slightly exceed the speed limit to make the loop, and it seems almost certain that somebody would chicken out and cause an ugly accident.

Therefore I think you need to add the "power booster" which as I recall was a device with spinning wheels on either side of the car that grabbed it and accelerated it. This would ensure that all vehicles enter the loop with sufficient momentum.

John Speagle wrote:

The architect's proposal for the "loop" is pretty to look at, but might not taxpayers' money be better spent in using this highway cutoff to create a "direct" passage to the Dartmouth bridge through Fairview; using tax money for expropriation of land necessary for such construction. The access to the bridge is a "mess" right now.

Kristine Webber wrote:

I'm a big fan of the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. My thoughts? Lets put in a psychedelic tunnel similar to the boat scene on the chocolate river! I often feel like I'm entering an alternate reality when going into Bayers Lake, so why not make it official.

Washmill underpass - a modest proposal

Posted by Zahra Sethna

washmill-loop.jpgSeems like a shame. Taxpayers in Halifax are spending $15.5-million on the Washmill Lake Court Underpass, and even the city councillors voting for it aren't happy.

It got us wondering: what would it take to get people excited about this project? Is there some way this project could put Halifax on the cutting edge of something? Make all those millions feel like they were really worth it? Well, here's our proposal.


Listen in as Stephanie talks to an architect at Dal about what this loop would cost to build, and how it would work. And vote in our poll, below. Or if you have a better idea, show us! Download a picture of the construction site and work your magic designing a new concept. Submit your ideas to us at mainhfx@cbc.ca