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November 2013 Archives

Mainstreet Free For All!

Posted by Stephanie Domet

CBC's FEED NOVA SCOTIA Day is coming up on December 13th and we want you to participate.


Whether your organization is already collecting for Feed Nova Scotia or would like to do something to help, do it as part of CBC Mainstreet's Free For All Community Challenge. Join us and other businesses and organizations to help raise food and money in support of Feed Nova Scotia.


How it works: Ask your business or organization to collect food and donations for Feed Nova Scotia over the next few weeks. Be creative! Do something interesting; engage your staff, your customers and clients.


Come to CBC's FEED NOVA SCOTIA Day on December 13th to present your haul to Feed Nova Scotia during the live broadcast of CBC Radio One's Mainstreet from 4 p.m - 6 p.m (or anytime during the day from 6 a.m. - 6 p.m.).


What's in it for you?: First and foremost, the feeling you get by doing something great for the community and helping those less fortunate. You may also get in the spotlight on CBC Mainstreet if you share your food and fundraising story with us.


Everyone who participates will get a chance to win a staff outing to a taping of This Hour has 22 Minutes.


If you're interested in participating you can email us at:

NS father wants you to think twice about using the R-word

Posted by Alex Mason

A father of a child with special needs wants you to think twice about using the R-word. Robb Scott lives in Greenfield, near Truro, with his wife and three kids. Turner is their middle child. Turner is three, and he has Down Syndrome. This is a video Robb put on YouTube about why he no longer uses the word "retarded" to describe something silly or dumb.


Robb and his wife Kelly spoke with Mainstreet's Stephanie Domet about life with Turner, this video, and reactions to it.


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