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October 2013 Archives

Nightmare on Mainstreet!

Posted by Stephanie Domet

There's one on every block -- a haunted-looking house all dressed for the holiday. The holiday of Hallowe'en. If that's your house -- if you've been burning the midnight oil creepifying your abode for the terror and delight of all who pass by -- this is the contest for you!

Take a photo of your house of horrors, or your chilling jack o'lantern, or your spider-web strewn yard, or whatever other frightening scene you've dreamed up, and email it to us at

Put Nightmare on Mainstreet in the subject line.

And get it to us by midnight on Tuesday, October 29.

Our judges, steeped in spookiness themselves, will pick the best one -- and there'll be some sort of terrifying prize pack! Or maybe just a regular prize pack.