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Bicycle Beater Contest

Posted by Dean Gallant

Vote on which bike deserves to go to its final resting place... to be replaced by a shiny new MEC Midtown Bicycle.

Contest Entries

jen-parker.jpgJen Parker

My bike was created in April 2009 after a trip to the Wallace dump. We found an old road bike frame, buried beneath scrap metal. Once we uncovered the frame, we noticed rust & dents, but we persisted. We salvaged the seat and the handle bars from other bikes at the dump. My boyfriend has collected bike parts since he was young, so we found enough old bike parts to build my salvaged bike - Sally. In the last 3 years, I've added bits & pieces to personalize my ride. But now the brakes are loud & shaky, and things just don't run smoothly, even with regular maintenance. If I get a new bike, Sally will go to the Ecology Action Centre bike workshop to be re-salvaged for parts.

kathryn-deveau.jpgKathryn Deveau

As a seven year old I discovered this bike in the stuffy attic of  our newly purchased old house, in Fredericton.  Imagine my exhuberance!  For the past 47 years I have driven it around NB and NS....mostly on flat ground, as there are no gears....but often over rough terrain... as its tires are solid.  It quite often attracts an audience, given its age.  A very early CCM.  I now use it mainly for deliveries...but honestly would retire it in a heartbeat for a new bike with gears...for those tough hills!  Its been faithful and long-serving, low maintenance and FUN!

mary-rose-mcintyre.jpgMary Rose McIntyre

In 1990, while living in Singapore, I bought my 1st mountain bike to commute & explore remote & exotic areas. On one trek, it carried me over a black cobra, thankfully too stunned to give chase. Occasionally bumped but not bruised by urban traffic, my trusty tandem & I travelled many kms in SE Asia before returning to Halifax in 1994. Relentlessly reliable, my bike carried me safely on city streets, rural roads & paths in NS, dodging mishaps & eluding impacts for many years. Sadly, after almost 20 years of service, the bike & I were struck by a car on Robie Street in 2009. I survived this collision but my sturdy Singapore cycle breathed it's last on that day. I miss my cherished companion everyday & would be grateful to have it replaced.

shawn-butt.jpgShawn Butt

My husband drives our son's used bike.  He cannot change gears, pedals are warped and the chain falls off. Driving down the street you hear a cracking noise.  For the past eighteen months he has changed his lifestyle by losing over 45lbs and quitting smoking. With diet and exercise he has completely transformed. He has worn the too small bike out.  He has ran the Navy 10k, Craig Blake Memorial fitness challenge and recently his first half marathon in 88 minutes.  When asked what motivates him he shares that "my wife was diagnosed with MS, so I have to be as healthy as I can be so that we can meet any challenges the disease may throw our way." His goal this year is to train to participate in the RONA MS bike tour 2013.  Having a new bike would help him reach this important fundraising goal.  He's my hero and he deserves a new bike.

tim-houtsma.jpgTim Houtsma

This is my beater.  It has been with me for many many kilometers, 40,000k at last count.  It was my sole means of transportation through university and my daily commuter for years.  My bike has been ridden on both coasts, to the tops of mountains and down again, and through more traffic than L.A. rush hour.  Cars have collided with it 3 times, been "car doored" and almost stolen.  Every moving part has worn out and been replaced.  I still ride it to work, but the frame is beginning to crack and it's time for retirement.

Win a sweet ride!

Posted by Stephanie Domet

It's Bike Week in Halifax! And we have it in mind to give you a chance to win a sweet new ride.

We have a brand new MEC Midtown Bicycle valued at $650 from the folks at Mountain Equipment Co-op and we want to give it away to a most-deserving bike enthusiast.

All you have to do to win ... show us your "Bicycle Beater".

Show us Nova Scotia's most used bike, and we'll replace it.

All you have to do to enter is send us a picture of your current bike and tell us, in a hundred words or fewer, how your bike got so beat up in the first place.

What we're not looking for: a story about how your dad backed over your bike with the family SUV.

No, we want to hear about bikes that have gone the distance on the trails and streets of this fair province.

We want to retire a bike that has done everything one can expect a bike to do.

You have until Thursday at noon to get your picture and hundred-word story to us.

We'll pick our top five entries, throw them up on our website and starting Thursday afternoon we'll let Mainstreet listeners vote on which bike deserves to go to its final resting place ... to be replaced by a shiny new MEC Midtown Bicycle.

Send your "Bicycle Beater" picture to MAINHFX@CBC.CA ... and remember, you have to have the picture and story to us by noon on Thursday ... no exceptions.

The Ultimate East Coast Workout Playlist

Posted by Dean Gallant

Last year we created a playlist of great tunes by great local artists to workout to.
Click the player below to refresh your memory.

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