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January 2012 Archives

Under the sea!

Posted by Stephanie Domet

Boris Worm kindly offered identification of some of the amazing fish I saw while in the Carribbean in early January. If you're heading south -- be sure to take along some snorkel gear. I totally fell in love with the underwater world. It's amazing to see what's going on under there. Check out these photos, and be sure to listen at 4:15 to hear Boris's identifications. Photos all courtesy of travel companion Aidan Brunn.

gray-angelfish-juvenile.jpg bermuda-chub.jpg cushion-seastar.jpg lionfish-and-beaugregory.jpg seargant-major.jpg stoplight-parrotfish-juvenile.jpg

Football Coach Mike Tanner

Posted by Katy Parsons

Stephanie chats with a man who's been coaching high school football in Halifax for more than forty years. Mike Tanner reflects back on a remarkable career full of championship titles, and looks forward to the years ahead.