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Mainstreet with Stephanie Domet

We're no longer posting interviews on this page

Posted by William Wolf-Wylie

Mainstreet is no longer posting interviews on this site. Our research shows that very few listeners were using this feature. You can now find our top stories of the day at Go to the top menu and click on "Audio". If you "like" us on our CBC Nova Scotia Facebook page you'll also have access to many of our stories as well as news, weather, and other features.

You can also send Stephanie and the afternoon team your comments or suggestions:
Talkback line: 1-888-686-6246
General inquiries: (902) 420-
Contact us by mail:
CBC Halifax
7067 Chebucto Road
Suite 100
Halifax, N.S.
B3L 4R5

Transcripts and/or tapes of the program are available through Cision Canada at (902) 422-9200. You will have to provide Cision with the program name, the time the interview ran (accurate to the hour) and the date. Note: there is a charge.