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Seeking Council

Seeking Council - June 16th, 2015

Steve Sampson & Jim MacLeod

Posted by Robert Doublett

Time for Seeking Council. Our weekly check-in with municipal councillors.

Until recently, we had been focussing solely on the CBRM. But we've decided to branch out, and invite councillors from the island's other municipalities to join in the discussion.

This week, we have Steve Sampson on the line from Richmondy County.

He represents the area that includes L'Ardoise, Rockdale, Grand Greve, Lower L'Ardoise, Little Harbour and Point Michaud.

From the CBRM, in studio is Jim MacLeod. He represents part of Sydney, Whitney Pier, South Bar, Victoria Mines, Lingan Rd. and Grand Lake Rd.

Listen audio (runs 17:28)

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Seeking Council - June 08th, 2015

Jim Mustard and Clarence Prince

Posted by Robert Doublett

Time for Seeking Council. Our weekly spotlight on municipal politics.

While we usually focus on the CBRM, today we're going to broaden our scope. This afternoon I'm joined on the line by a municipal councillor from the other side of our island.

Jim Mustard represents District 3 on Inverness County council. His district includes Inverness, North Lake Ainslie, Glenville and Dunvegan.

We're also joined in studio this afternoon by one of our regular Seeking Council guests, Clarence Prince. He represents District 1 in the CBRM which covers the Sydney Mines area.

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Seeking Council

Darrell Flynn and Kevin Saccary

Posted by Robert Doublett

Every Monday we invite two Cape Breton Regional councillors into our studio to find out what's leading the agenda in their districts.

Today, we have Darrell Flynn representing district 10,and Kevin Saccary of District 8.

Listen audio (runs 17:50)

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