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Cruise Opportunities - Discussion & Q&A

Facilitator: Bernadette MacNeil, Sydney Ports Corporation

CBRM Councillor MacDonald introduced guest speaker Bernadette MacNeil, Manager of Cruise and Marketing Development for Sydney Port Authority who started off the break-out session with a discussion on global statistics and where we are today.

Session talking points include:

- Why is Port of Sydney successful? (In between two key ports, Halifax and Quebec. Sydney has always exceeded expectations for Cruise Lines.)

- The Cruise Lines have deemed Sydney to be a very successful port. Holland America describes Sydney as sizzling. Holland America puts a lot of value and importance on the port of Sydney.

- It is expensive to anchor off of Sydney. Busing issue is also something that needs to be dealt with. (Infrastructure has to be improved. Cruise ships are selling more seats than bus seats are available.)

- Sydney has 275ft of dock frontage. Most ships are over 300ft. There is potential to go further to accommodate the larger berthing capacities.

- A port is considered successful if it's ISPS certified & Safety.

- Sydney is recognized for the deep water marine access, destination appeal and the best cruise pavilion on the eastern seaboard.

- Recommendations to improve the current port includes continued work with the stake holders. It is for growth and sustaining the current business.

Listen audio (runs 23:37)