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Featured Stories: February 2014 Archives

CBRM Church Demolitions

Keith Brown

Posted by Robert Doublett

Today many people in CBRM, especially New Waterford, are mourning the demolition of three churches in the area. One of them is a bit of an icon, St. Alfonse's.

There was a community group to try and recover and save the building, but to no avail.

Listen audio (runs 8:57)

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Kiev Concerns

Father Roman Dusanowskyj

Posted by Robert Doublett

The escalation in violence in the Ukraine has caught the world's attention in recent days.

Yesterday, dozens of people were killed as security forces fired on anti-government demonstrators in the capital city of Kiev.

Among those watching this week's events are the many people with Ukrainian heritage here in Cape Breton. Father Roman Dusanowskyj is Priest at the Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic Church in Whitney Pier.

Listen audio (runs 10:29)

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