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Featured Stories: May 2013 Archives

The Exit Interview

Manning MacDonald

Posted by Robert Doublett

As of 430pm today Manning MacDonald will no longer be representing Cape Breton South.

After eleven elections and thirty-five years in public office, Manning will finally have a vacation.

He's decided to resign after questions arose around a recent vacation he took.

Listen audio (runs 10:22)

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AWOL over sick day

Able Seaman Carol Anne Deyoung

Posted by Robert Doublett

When navy seaman Carol Anne DeYoung joined the navy three and a half years ago, she was fulfilling a dream. All her life, the 41-year old woman has wanted to serve her country. 

She never expected her country would court martial her, but that's what happened a year ago last June. 

DeYoung was feeling ill and had discovered a worrying lump in her breast. She called in sick. The next day, she wasn't feeling any better and called in sick again.

Her commanding officer at first agreed, but then said she had to report to the Stadacona base's sickbay. 

DeYoung went to sickbay, but took two hours to get there. 

Eventually, she was charged with being AWOL for the two hours of time she took to get from her home to sickbay. 

DeYoung later found out the lump in her breast was cancerous. She's now being treated with chemotherapy. While she prepares to be court martialled. She told her story to the CBC's Rob Gordon.

Listen audio (runs 4:04)

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CB Roller Derby

The Tar City Rollers

Posted by Robert Doublett

It's been called an expression of the third wave of feminism, an independent, do it yourself alternative sport that celebrates woman of all ages and abilities and it's rooting right here in Cape Breton.

Yes, we're talking about Roller Derby.

Trash talking, bumping, bruising, and fun.

This weekend they're having an open house at the Centennial Area in Sydney to look for new members and volunteers to help with events.

We dropped by the arena last night for one of their practices and a look at this collective of 30 women and the culture of roller derby.

Listen audio (runs 4:31)

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