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Featured Stories: May 2012 Archives

From the murky depths it comes.

Captain Steve Wilson

Posted by Robert Doublett

Cape Anne III.jpgThe Cape Anne Three has risen out of its muddy berth in Sydney Harbour.

The eyesore that has plagued residents will soon be gone forever.

Captain Steve Wilson is with Joint Task Force Atlantic.

He spoke to reporter Yvonne LeBlanc-Smith earlier today at the site of the military training exercise that dislodged the old boat and re-float it.

Listen audio (runs 4:47)

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The Exit Interview

Barbara Stead-Coyle

Posted by Robert Doublett

Thumbnail image for Barb stead-coyle.jpgBarbara Stead-Coyle has been a guest many times on Mainstreet, she first made an appearance when she worked for the Cape Breton Growth Fund, and ECBC, then the Cape Breton Partnership and onto the Sydney Tar Ponds Agency.

She's perhaps best known for her work with the Cape Breton Hospital Foundation and the extraordinary amount of work they've done to bring cancer care to Cape Breton.

It turns out that Barbara has now accept a position off island with the Canadian Cancer Society.

Listen audio (runs 11:44)

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Membertou TCC - Fine Food Show

Scott Morrison, Erlene Bush, Mike Black and Johnathan Wilson

Posted by Robert Doublett

IMG-20120516-00683.jpgTomorrow evening the fine food industry has a show at the Membertou Trade and Convention Centre...however, today on the show we appeal to your sense of taste for "the good life".

This afternoon we have three chefs and a sommelier (a wine expert) in studio to help you think about pairing.

We have from FLAVOUR, Chef Scott Morrison, from Chanterell Country Inn, Erlene Bush. Mike Black is the chef and owner of the Black Spoon Bistro, and Johnathan Wilson is with Harvest Wines and Spirits...

Listen audio (runs 24:29)

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