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Livin' Here, Lovin' It

Bryan MacDonald and Andrew Morrow

Posted by Robert Doublett

On this week's edition of Livin' Here, Lovin' It, you'll meet two men who are throwing their passion into a vat and brewing up a great business. 
 both grew up in Sydney -- and now own and operate Breton Brewing.

Byan is trained as an engineer; Andrew as a teacher. Each are married, and each have a toddler. 

Bryan and Andrew chatted with Norma Jean MacPhee about their still very new venture.

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Living Here, Lovin' It.

Estelle Levange

Posted by Robert Doublett

Estelle mini.jpgEstelle Levange lives in Millville with her husband Tim and their two young boys, Elliot and and Victor.

Since 2010 she's been running Thyme for Ewe Farm.

With a third child on the way, the couple, both 31 are busy, and Estelle wouldn't have it any other way.

She spoke with Norma Jean MacPhee about why she loves being a farmer.

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Porters Emergency Landing Cape Breton

Don MacDonald and Chris Krepski

Posted by Robert Doublett

porter_mini.jpgA passenger on a recent flight to St. John's is urging Transport Canada to explore installing oxygen masks on more planes after a Porter crew was forced to make an emergency landing earlier this week -- though Porter Airlines says there's no need.

Don McDonald of Paradise, N.L., was on a flight from Halifax Monday night when, about 30 minutes after takeoff, the cabin of the plane began to fill with smoke.

The plane, which McDonald describes as "a turboprop," didn't contain oxygen masks.

Instead, he said, flight attendants instructed passengers to cover their mouths with fabric taken from the back of their seats.

McDonald said the pilot soon announced they'd be making an emergency landing at the JA Douglas McCurdy Airport in Sydney, N.S

McDonald said he's very appreciative of how the Porter crew handled the situation, describing the pilot and flight attendants as "excellent."

Still he wants Transport Canada to look into installing oxygen masks in all planes, and believes passengers were fortunate that the pilot was able to land so quickly.

"Another 10 or 15 minutes after this........[the outcome] could have been totally different."

The Transportation Safety Board will not be releasing any information about its findings.

Don MacDonald, of Paradise Newfoundland was on that flight and he wants answers. He spoke with our CBC collegue in St. John's, Rod Etheridge, yesterday.

Listen audio (runs 9:00)

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