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Truth Matters

Amanda Watson

Posted by Robert Doublett

This weekend, Community Cares, in Sydney Mines, is providing an opportunity for young people to talk about the challenges they face.

Those challenges include living in poverty, not having enough food addiction and homelessness, or terrible housing.

33-year-old Amanda Watson knows all about that.

She and her partner have five children between them and right now, a friend's child is also staying with them.

Watson has lived in 19 places over the past ten years.

Joan Weeks sat down with her earlier today at her apartment in Sydney.

Watson describes the problems she's had trying to find decent housing in the CBRM.

Listen audio (runs 7:59)

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Purple Day for Epilepsy

Michele AuCoin, Dr. Laith Shimon and Dodie Hanna

Posted by Robert Doublett

Today is Purple Day. A day to bring more awareness to epilepsy.

There are more than 300,000 Canadians living with epilepsy. It's estimated that 1 in 100 people have it.

To find out more about this disorder we invited a few people in the studio.

Michele AuCoin has epilepsy and has been working with students with Learning Disabilities and Learning Deficits now for 20 years. Dr. Laith Shimon is a neurologist, and Dodie Hanna is the mother of a 12 year old girl with epilepsy.

Listen audio (runs 19:02)

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A Song of Snow and Oil

Mike Pace

Posted by Robert Doublett

The home fuel oil business community is asking customers to work with them in the aftermath of all this snow. Oil truck drivers are faced with a tough job.

It can be challenging --or even impossible-- for a driver to deliver your oil if you have not shoveled around your oil tank.

Mike Pace is the manager of Sydco Fuels in Sydney. He spoke with CBC reporter Hal Higgins.

Listen audio (runs 4:45)

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