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Crowdis Bridge
Cape Breton

Thumbnail image for crowdis-bridge-bnd-shot.jpgCombining a bluegrass influenced playing style with poignant lyrics and a modern folk feel; the Crowdis Bridge sound is truly unique.

Both vocally and rhythmically, Jason Rudderham brings a refreshing and modernized dynamic to the traditional bluegrass genre.

Jason's rock and Celtic background allows him to generate unique and complimentary rhythms that are the backbone of the Crowdis Bridge sound.

Whether it is banjo, guitar, mandolin or singing, Ben Furey's inherent talent and musical upbringing gave him the tools to provide subtle color to anything he plays. His playing style is aesthetically pleasing with the right mix of creativity and technical ability.

Andrew Fedora's guitar playing and singing offer a somewhat traditional sound in a somewhat nontraditional fashion. Lyrically, his songwriting achieves an impressive present-day level of depth and poetry while maintaining a timeless appeal.

All multi instrumentalists, vocalists and songwriters, the Crowdis Bridge sound is dynamic and synergistic, appealing to as many different crowds as they have influences.


Celtic Colours - Crowdis Bridge - 500pm 1014.mp3