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The week of November 22nd thru 26th, 2010 CBC Cape Breton explored the growing need for affordable, safe, clean, housing.

November 22nd was National Housing Day in Canada.

A day set aside by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation to recognize the people and organizations dedicated to improving affordable housing in communities all across Canada.

And they have a tough road.

During our series "A Place to Call Home" we'll met people who are living in deplorable conditions, who can't afford or find suitable housing.

We found out what the barriers are and where solutions might be found.

We took a close look at the need.

Joanna LaTulippe Rochon is the Executive Director of the Family Place Resource Center.

Jim Graham is with New Dawn enterprises, a not for profit agency that provides social housing units in the CBRM.

They're joined us in studio.

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There are hundreds of people on a waiting list for provincially subsidized housing.

And in the meantime, they're living in conditions that are not always safe, clean or affordable.

The Cape Breton Island Housing Authority provides and administers social housing for the provincial department of Community Services.

Joan MacKeough is the director of the Cape Breton Island Housing Authority, which covers the CBRM, Richmond, Inverness & Victoria Counties.

We invited her into the studio.

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There are a lucky few who are enjoying bright, comfortable accomodations, thanks to a special partnership on the island.

It's providing apartments for some people who often fall through the cracks - people living with mental illness.

Wendy Martin has the story.

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So far we've been looking at what is and isn't available in the rental market.

Today we look at the real estate market.

In the Sydney area it has slowed down over the last few months.

Dozens of people have been trying to sell their homes for months with no success.

Everything from high end homes to fixer uppers are proving hard to sell.

And that's putting people's plans for the future on hold.

David Burke has this report.

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All this week we've been talking about housing issues in the CBRM.

Today Joan Weeks is taking us to an empty, boarded up rental property in Glace Bay.

It's at 662 Main Street.

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Original Air-Date - Monday, November 22nd thru Friday, November 26th, 2010