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High Risk Drunk Driver Released

Gerald and Patricia Smits

A man from Cape Breton who killed two people while driving drunk has been released from prison. 55 year old Michael Cooper served a full seven-year sentence for the deaths of Angela Smits, 19, and her 20-year-old boyfriend, Michael MacLean.

Cooper told the Parole Board of Canada he would not stop drinking and driving, prompting police in Halifax to warn the public he's a high risk to re-offend.

Under the conditions of his sentence, Cooper is barred from consuming, purchasing and possessing alcohol and entering any place alcohol is sold or consumed. He is under a curfew and is barred from driving for life.

Angela Smits' parents Gerald and Patricia wanted his photo posted anywhere alcohol is sold. Smits said he wants bars to be aware of Cooper and restrictions placed on him so that he won't able to purchase alcohol. Through his lawyer, he made the request to the NSLC, the province's Utility and Review Board and the Alcohol and Gaming Division. That request has been denied.

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