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Savoy Theatre battered by storms & water damage

Pam Leader: Manager of the Savoy Theatre.

The fact is, you could always hear the wind blow over the roof of the Savoy Theatre stage. When it blew hard, you'd be sure part of the roof would just rip off and blow away, but it never did.

Now the theatre in Glace Bay is facing a hefty repair bill after severe winter weather damaged the roof and the facade of the building, causing rain to start pouring into the theatre.

Rain has seeped into the building, so much so they've had to close the balcony and the stairwells, and call insurance to see what can be done to fix damages from the weather of the last few days.

Pam Leader, the manager of the Savoy, believes the heavy snow and ice piling up on the roof over the past few weeks resulted in the leaking this week.

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