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The Royal National Mòd

John Morrison, Chief Executive of The Royal National Mòd

We wanted to share this with you this afternoon . The Gaelic Mod In Scotland is known as the The Royal National Mòd and we wondered, in light of events at the Gaelic College in St Ann's, what the Scottish experience was. Here is a reply from John Morrison, Chief Executive of The Royal National Mòd.

Dear Wendy:

The addition of the term Royal to the National Mòd title has not resulted in any controversy in Scotland. Members of An Comunn Gàidhealach may have different personal opinions about the title. However, the support that has been forthcoming from the Royal family towards the Mòd is indisputable, and significant. The attendance of different members of the Royal family at the Mòd over the years has heightened awareness of the event and has generated massive national, and international, press coverage.

As an organization we are pleased to use the title and we shall continue to use the title to generate exposure for the language, music and culture of the Gaels of Scotland.

Kind regards,
John Morrison
(address withheld)