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NSGEY 1995 Policing Concerns

Jim Goss

Yesterday 48 police officers in CBRM said they would not be particapating in four special units, The Emergency response team,  the public safety unit, training, and dive team and marine units.

The Union representing the officer, NSGEY 1995  says there are two concerns. One involves the question of who plays an officer's legal bills when he or she is alledged to have commit a crime at work.

The other has to do with the process that governs whether or not an officer is suspended without pay, suspended with pay, or assigned to desk duty when charged with a crime.

Under the Police act, which is a provincial statute,  the Chief of Police has the exclusive power to make that determination.

There is nothing in the collective agreement between CBRM and the police union to all any one else to over ride, alter or participate in that decision.

Listen audio (runs 11:42)