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Songcamp Compilation CD

Gordie Sampson, Carleton Stone, Kyle Mischiek and Dave Sampson

original.jpgFor the past four summers, some of Nova Scotia's most promising songwriters have been hand-picked to take part in an intensive five-day series of co-writing sessions which are conducted by Cape Breton's own Grammy award-winning Gordie Sampson, along with leaders Steve MacDougall (Slowcoaster) and Carleton Stone. The result is a motivating experience, a growing sense of community, and an inspiring collection of songs. In 2013 it became apparent that these songs deserved to be shared.

Today is the day that we get to hear Gordie Sampson's new CD. It's a compilation of all of the work that's been done around the Songcamp Sessions.

Gordie speaks about the project and is joined by Carleton Stone, Kyle Mischiek, and Dave Sampson to discuss Songcamp and its future.

Listen audio (runs 38:01)