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Christian Hate Mail?

Madonna Doucette

Are you Saved.jpgCheck your mail box there might be a letter there that offers you eternal salvation.

That's what at least two local agencies found for themselves this week.

The Cape Breton Victoria School board and the local Gay Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender support group have received an unsigned letter that appears to be supported by The Cape Breton Fellowship, offering old fashioned redemption over a life of what it calls sin.

When LGBT activist Madonna Doucette read the letter she decided to go to the source...or what she thought was the source.

We spoke with Past bruce DeYoung from the Cape Breton Christian Fellowship and this is the third time they have been mis represented in mass mailings. He told us that these letters were as damaging to the reputation of his church as they were offensive to the people who received them.  He also suspects the letters are coming from off Island, because in a series that went to Baddeck it looked like to names had been taken from a public voters list or some other such document.

He wanted to be clear, the Cape Breton Fellowshiop neither endorses nor supports these letters.

Listen audio (runs 4:29)