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Roger Merrick

Posted by Robert Doublett

Nova Scotia's new cyberbullying investigation unit CyberSCAN went to work today, taking calls and investigating complaints. The five person team will take calls from the public, students, teachers and other authorities.

Government hopes the unit will make a difference for youth and others who are being bullied.

Roger Merrick is director.

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Nursing Home Bed Rally

Dee Barossi

Posted by Robert Doublett

People rallied in front of Sydney's provincial building today to protest the shortage of nursing home beds in Nova Scotia.

Organizer Dee Barossi brought her 94-year-old father Ken Miller to the event in his wheelchair. She says the situation he's in is intolerable -- and she wants the province to do something about it.

She talked with CBC reporter Hal Higgins.

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Human Coyote Interaction

Carly Sponarski

Posted by Robert Doublett

People in northern Cape Breton will soon have a chance to learn more about interacting with coyotes. It's part of a five-year Parks Canada project to reduce coyote conflicts in the Highlands National Park.

Carly Sponarski has been doing research on coyote - human interaction for her Ph.D. studies at
Memorial University. She's prepared an education program to help people stay safe around coyotes.

Sponarski spoke with CBC's Joan Weeks about the program and her recent research.

Listen audio (runs 5:44)

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