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Stronger than Steel

Syd Slaven & Erika Shae

Posted by Robert Doublett

Right about now a big celebration is getting underway at the former Sydney Steel plant site.

The three-day event is called "Stronger than Steel" and it marks the end of environmental remediation and recognizes the industry that supported Sydney for 100 years as well as the thousands of people that industry employed.

Syd Slaven was one of those people.

Not far from where Slaven worked Erika Shea is raising a family.

She and her husband were nervous about buying a home near the infamously polluted site.

But they're thrilled with the transformation that's taken place over the past few years.

Syd Slaven audio (runs 3:16)

Erika Shea audio (runs 3:10)

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Your thoughts...

Jim St. Clair

Posted by Erin Ashley

We love to hear what you think about the stories we cover on our show.

Tuesday we spoke with Marie Walsh about Regional Economic Networks, then we got a call from Jim St. Clair.

Listen audio (runs 4:34)

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Bay St. Lawrence EI Claims Meeting

Anthony MacKinnon & Liberal MP Mark Eyking

Posted by Robert Doublett

People in Bay St. Lawrence are bracing for what could be another tough winter.

Last year, dozens of fishermen in the community could not collect employment insurance - at least for a couple of months.

Their claims were denied - because they were working for family - and not maintaining the required "arms-length" relationship.

Now, many have been ordered to repay EI benefits from years past - and in some cases, those bills are huge.

Anthony MacKinnon is a fishing captain, he spoke with the CBC's Wendy Martin.

Liberal MP Mark Eyking called the meeting, to hear people's concerns about EI.

He says he will call for an independent investigation.

Anthony MacKinnon audio (runs 4:45)

Liberal MP Mark Eyking audio (runs 3:08)

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