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Liam Tromans - chainsaw artist in Boularderie

The Sydney Architectural Society will soon unveil a project to celebrate the history and culture of Whitney Pier. The society was formed 2-years ago and built up a heritage conservation fund.

It is using that money to commission a piece of art to install on a piece of land it has aquired from the Cape Breton Regional municipality.

On today's show we heard from the chair of St. Mary's Polish Church in Whitney Pier and volunteer with the Sydney Architectural Society; Tom Urbaniac.

He explained how the society had commissioned a kapliczki (a traditional roadside shrine) that will be dedicated later this month.
It's a representation of the history and culture of Whitney Pier and its coming to life in Liam Troman's workshop in Boularderie about 60 kilometers away.

Listen audio (runs 8:39)