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Glace Bay Old Town Hall

Elke Ibriham

This weekend Old Town Hall in Glace Bay will celebrate its 110th anniversary.  

Many people remember it as the place where they paid their water bills and taxes, or, if where one came face to face with the judge in the courtroom.  They Mayor's office was there and so was the fire department at one time, but after amalgamation the community had to decide whether to abandon the buildings or to turn it into something that would celebrate the town and its history.

Today it is a gift shop for travelers and locals alike, a museum of natural, scientific and cultural displays, and a meeting place for community groups.

Elke Ibriham is the curator and earlier today she showed me the second floor a space that was once filled with pigeons that is now a testment to life in her community, we began in the original council chambers.

Listen audio (runs 9:52)