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Royal Cape Breton Yacht Club Fire

Christopher Borgal

Depending on where you were you may have seen the smoke billowing from across the harbour, or if you were downtown you may have heard the bang yourself.

Fire has taken hold of the Royal Cape Breton Yacht Club building.

Heritage and conservation groups were recently interested in preserving the building, which  was owned by Royal Cape Breton Yacht Club, however the charted had recently been transferred to another place.

The building was being looked at as a National Historic Site.

The person that got those wheels rolling is Christopher Borgal, he was sent by Heritage Canada on the invitation of local groups. Borgal is the principal of Architectural Practices in Heritage and Restorations in Christopher Borgal Architects Inc. and specializes in the restoration of historical buildings.

He was recently here to assess and deliver a report to the community groups. We reached him just after the fire started and informed him of the situation.

Listen audio (runs 7:17)