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More ECBC Questions

A Calgary developer is raising more questions about the way in which Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation awards funding.

Dennis Dowling is behind a plan to build townhouses and retail space next to Cape Breton University. He says he asked for money from ECBC to get the residential development started.

He was turned down - and then, he was surprised to hear that ECBC is spending money of its own, on a subdivision at Ben Eoin.

The CBC's Wendy Martin spoke with Dennis Dowling.

We asked ECBC for reaction to Dowling's comments, and received an email from their director of communications, DA Landry.

     With regard to ECBC's involvement in subdivision development, it is important to distinguish between developments on privately-owned land and those on ECBC-owned lands.

· Private sector subdivisions are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

· The Grand Lake Rd. multi-purpose commercial/residential centre was rejected because the proponent was unable to identify the financing necessary to complete the project or provide evidence of how the business targets could be met.

· The applicant also requested 100% of the phase 1 development costs without confirming how phase 2 or 3 would proceed.

ECBC goes on to say, it has developed four subdivisions, 3 on unused Devco land in the Glace Bay area, and the one in Ben Eoin. It says it pays for the infrastructure, on a cost recovery basis. 

It says the lots that it sells, pays ECBC's costs and help stimulate new construction and increased tax revenue for the CBRM.

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